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NBA 2K17 Offseason Roster with NBA Draft 2017 Rookies Available Now (Created by @EmbracePace)

NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 Offseason Roster with NBA Draft 2017 Rookies Available Now (Created by @EmbracePace)

EmbracePace is back again, for the third straight year, creating an updated NBA 2K17 offseason roster for PlayStation 4 fans, which includes the 2017 rookies that were just drafted and much more.

FILE NAME: 2017 Offseason w/All Rookies

PSN ID: EmbraceThePace

Full details can be seen in his OS Forum thread.

All New Draft Picks Included

Ever since September of last year, I’ve been hard at work creating loads of NBA draft prospects in order to create the most realistic draft classes possible. Hundreds of hours of research and film study went into making these prospects look and play the same way they do in real life. As always, those same creations will be featured in this roster. I’m hopeful that every player that hears his name called will be on their respective teams when this roster drops. If I have not created a player that gets drafted, they will be added in very, very shortly after the initial release. If there is not enough space on a team’s 15-man roster to add a 2nd round pick, he will be placed in the free agent pool until he is officially signed. Also, because I have over 80 players in my 2017 draft class, that means there will be at least 20 undrafted free agents included in the free agent pool!

Brand New Players

Not only will all the 2017 draft picks and several undrafted free agents be included in this roster, but several other new players will be included as well! These players include: Draft & Stash prospects, G-League prospects, Summer League invites, etc.

Updated Ages/Years Pro

I have gone in and updated every single player’s age and service time to replicate the 2017-2018 season. All players (including free agents) are now 1 year older and all have 1 more year of experience under their belt.

Updated Contracts

All of the current NBA players now have their contracts fully updated to reflect the 2017-2018 season. I have also given all of this year’s new draftees contracts that match the NBA’s rookie scale. Before I go on, let me quickly explain how I handled upcoming free agents. Because 2K requires that no less than 13 players be on a roster, it is impossible to release all upcoming free agents into the F/A pool, so when this roster releases, most upcoming free agents will still be on their 16-17 team’s roster. I’ve also given some of the bigger name players projected contracts. I chose to handle free agents this way in an effort to make the roster more playable right away. If you plan on starting a multi-year MyLEAGUE with this roster, I recommend waiting until mid-July when most of the big name free agents have signed their new deals.

Frequent File Updates

One of the main things I’ve focused on with my draft classes and rosters the past 3 years has been keeping them as updated as possible. As soon as I noticed a player was traded, had declared for the draft, signed a new contract or even just changed up his hairstyle, I made sure I updated it as quickly as possible. That habit will continue this summer. I’ll be keeping tabs on all of the latest player movement, contract signings, number changes, etc. all throughout the offseason and making sure the file stays updated.


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  1. He's the real MVP!
    Bless EmbracePace, I've been using his rosters & Draft Classes every single year! 
    When 2K17 is starting to get boring, new things to do !
    Am I the only one to simulate how each team will go next year according to their new addition. Lakers gonna be good, plus they got a chance with PG13 
    Hey guys!
    I made an Xbox roster keeping up with most of this. I have included and updated rosters as of 06/26. Xbox name Hashtag Bryan, file name 2k18 Actual. Let me know what you think! Next step is updating contracts.

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