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Public Beta For Perfect Team Tournaments Available For Out of the Park Baseball 20

Out of the Park Baseball 20

Public Beta For Perfect Team Tournaments Available For Out of the Park Baseball 20

The public beta for Perfect Team Mode Tournaments is available for Out of the Park Baseball 20.

With the recent release of OOTP 20 update (version 20.7.68), you can check out the all-new Tournaments feature in Perfect Team mode. The team is putting the finishing touches on all the “under the covers” work, and would love for you to help them get the data they need to make Tournaments the best they can possibly be.

Tournaments are designed for everyone that enjoys Perfect Team mode in any fashion. They come in all shapes, sizes, and level of commitment – and are totally free for everybody! Users can join up to three at a time, too, and they don’t interfere with the traditional Perfect Team mode leagues and the seasons you’re enjoying. They’re wholly separate from everything else, letting you pick and choose when you want to play and what kinds of rewards you can earn.

There are many types of Tournaments, including ones with roster restrictions(such as ‘Iron only’ or ‘Gold and lower’ players, for example) and card restrictions (like ‘Live Only’ or ‘Historic Only’, for example). There will also be open Tournaments, with no restrictions at all. The Tournaments themselves span all types of options too, including Single Elimination, Best of 3 Elimination, Best of 5 Elimination, Best of 7 Elimination, Round-Robin, Double Elimination, and many more! All of these can be combined, mixed, and matched as well, so the possibilities are endless.

Some Tournaments will start immediately once all teams have joined, while others will have defined starting and ending points. Some will feature settings from different eras; some will have a DH and others won’t. So many ways to play – and we’re barely scratching the surface!

Tournaments will generate great rewards, too! The bigger the Tournament in terms of players and rounds, the bigger the payout. Rewards can be special exclusive cards, card packs, or Perfect Points. Every Tournament will have clear information on everything, making it easy for you to pick and choose where and how you want to play.

Here’s the patch notes for version 20.7.68.

  • PT: Introduces the public beta of Tournaments
  • PT: Added new pack open animation – INSTANT!
  • PT: Global 3D animation setting (Settings dialog) now also applies to pack opening speed
  • PT: Reduced loading times between packs in pack opening screen
  • PT: Added confirmation to quick-sell from auction dialog (gold+ cards or if data has been entered in starting price/buy it now)
  • PT: Improved performance on inactive roster page
  • PT: locked cards automatically selected to submit when completing missions
  • PT: space bar opens the next pack when viewing pack open animations
  • Pitching strategies hidden for teams you cannot control
  • Fixed issue where in some cases IAFA offers were prevented if over salary cap
  • Fixed situation where importing a template could wipe player history
  • Fixed display bug during off-season of historical players’ season age
  • Fixed service time issues in live start leagues.
  • Fixed modifier issue when live start league advances to 2020
  • Fixed Steam Achievement trigger for 50+ game hit streak
  • Enable button to copy camera view to all parks in 3D ballpark editor
  • Improved 3D for groundball doubles, fielders holding ball on runners taking extra bases
  • Adjusted rule 5 return logic (players on min deals will shift to minor league deal)
  • Fixed association playoffs not starting if top league has playoffs disabled
  • Fixed AI waiver claim issues (should improve claim and release issues)
  • Fixed bug in AI valuation of vesting options
  • Fixed NPB Compensation removing money from both sides
  • Fixed positioning of player & team popups
  • Fixed various playoff seeding issues
  • Several other small bug fixes and crash fixes

Read more about the public beta for Perfect Team Mode Tournaments at the official website.

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