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Out of the Park Baseball 20’s New Perfect Team Cards - The Generations Collection


Out of the Park Baseball 20

Out of the Park Baseball 20’s New Perfect Team Cards - The Generations Collection

Baseball is based on history, both good and bad. In many ways, the sport traces itself along the arc of American society. Out of the Park Baseball 20’s newest Perfect Team card collection is a unique set, comprising players whose career overlap at the point of one player retiring as a new one debuts. Starting in 1890 with the debut of Kid Nichols and ending in 2019 with the retirement of Brian McCann, it’s a wonderful way to look across the spectrum of our favorite sport!

The latest episode of This Week in Perfect Team featured host Kris Jardine showing off all the new content. You can catch up on the episode archived on our YouTube channel. Be sure to tune in to a very special edition of This Week In Perfect Team on Thursday January 23 at 9 PM ET at for a Call to the Hall, celebrating the newest inductees to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Special guests include Paul Sporer from FanGraphs!

Out of the Park Baseball 20 is now just $19.99! With the entire history of baseball at your fingertips, plenty of offseason moves to make for your current favorite team, and an amazing Perfect Team universe pulsing with new competitions every day, now is a great time to jump into it. You can get it directly from the OOTP website, from Steam, or from Origin.


Here is this week’s card pack:

The Generations Collection

  • Diamond Historical Legend – Peak Brian McCann (C; 90 OVR)
  • Gold Historical Legend – Peak Benito Santiago (C; 88 OVR)
  • Gold Historical Legend – Peak Tony Perez (1B; 89 OVR)
  • Diamond Historical Legend – Peak Billy Pierce (LHP SP, 99 OVR)
  • Diamond Historical Legend – Peak Joe Cronin (SS, 97 OVR)
  • Diamond Historical Legend – Peak Babe Adams (RHP SP, 98 OVR)
  • Perfect Historical Legend – Peak Kid Nichols (RHP SP, 100 OVR)

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If you’re a true die-hard baseball fan, one video game simulation just isn’t enough. As someone who plays MLB The Show year after year and marvels at how consistently great the series continues to be, I’ve still found myself wondering from time to time: what else is out there? Maybe it’s born out of some fatigue at looking at The Show’s familiar presentation and incremental improvements over such a long period of time. Maybe I was just really excited about baseball season finally starting after a long winter. But whatever the reason, I was anxious to see what other baseball video games had to offer.

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