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PES Community Spotlight - SpoonyPizzas Delivers on All Fronts

pes community spotlight spoonypizzas

eFootball PES 2021

PES Community Spotlight - SpoonyPizzas Delivers on All Fronts

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it certainly takes a community to make a greats sports game. Very few games, if any, rely on the community more than Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. For years, the community, whether it be on a PC or console, have done wonders in helping to create an authentic footy experience. Through the use of option files and mods, the great PES community have been churning out customized gameplay experiences for years, several of which can be found in OS’ own Option File Thread.

It’s not just option files that the PES community excels at: It’s tutorials, career mode stories, and the like that keep the PES fans engaged, helping to bridge the information gap that sometimes gets lost with Konami. I’ve written about it in detail before, but it’s worth mentioning again, that Konami doesn’t always do the best job at explaining what the intricacies are within the PES series. While it’s fun to occasionally discover something new under the hood that Konami has implemented, I’ve often felt that taking time outside of the game to search for explanations on the web or YouTube takes folks away from the game — where the focus should be.

Thankfully, there are PES contributors like SpoonyPizzas that, in his own words:

“Eat, sleep and breathe everything PES related. Enjoy.”  

SpoonyPizzas is well known throughout the PES community and churns out some excellent videos several times a week. Tutorials, option file breakdowns, and Master League videos all feature prominently on his YouTube channel. High quality videos mixed with a sweet accent will have your PES-game getting better in no time.

“Hello Ladies and Gents.”

Be sure to head over to Spoony’s social media channels and give him a follow!

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