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PES Community Spotlight - KnightMD Delivers for PC Gamers

Best PC Mods eFootball PES 2021 Season Update

eFootball PES 2021

PES Community Spotlight - KnightMD Delivers for PC Gamers

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it certainly takes a community to make a great sports game. Very few games, if any, rely on the community more than Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. For years, the community has done incredible things to help create an authentic footy experience. Through the use of option files and mods, the PES community has been churning out customized gameplay experiences for years, several of which can be found in OS’ own Option File thread.

It’s not just option files that the PES community excels at either. It also includes tutorials, career mode stories, and so on to help keep PES fans engaged. This also helps to bridge the information gap that sometimes gets lost with Konami. I’ve written about it in detail before, but it’s worth mentioning again that Konami does not always do the best job explaining what the intricacies are within the PES series. While it’s fun to occasionally discover something new under the hood that Konami has implemented, I’ve often felt that taking time outside of the game to search for explanations on the web or YouTube takes folks away from the game — where the focus should be.

Thankfully, there are PES contributors like Knight MD that, in his own words, are there to provide:

“Realistically-inclined PES footage”

KnightMD has been making a name for himself in the PES PC modding community with his “Realism Reviews” where he incorporates several mods in one larger mod. Incorporating realistic elements like stadium-specific camera angles, authentic presentation packages, and more, KnightMD has helped bridge the gap between FIFA‘s “out-of-the-box” authentic elements and PES‘ lackluster presentation elements.

His reviews help to show PES in a great light, highlighting the “little things” that PES does so well to accurately represent the beautiful game. While he does not produce as many videos as some other PES community contributors, they are well worth the wait due to the high quality editing, voice-overs, and high production values.

Everything from tutorials to highlights all feature prominently on his YouTube channel. High quality videos mixed with helpful nuggets will have your PC version of PES looking better in no time — and your stick skills will improve at the same time. I know first-hand that KnightMD’s “Realism Review” videos gave me the extra motivation to finally build a gaming PC.

Be sure to head over to KnightMD’s social media channels and give him a follow!

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