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A Nasty Bug is Causing People to Lose their MyPlayers and VC in NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18

A Nasty Bug is Causing People to Lose their MyPlayers and VC in NBA 2K18

There is a very nasty bug within NBA 2K18 it appears, where you can lose your MyPlayer and all the VC you spent on it due to a bug within the game.

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The thread on the OS forums is already spanning multiple pages as players reported issues over the weekend. Here’s a sampling of user complaints:

It happened to me after I played one Park game and went into the subway since I didn’t know what it did. The game crashed then my badge progress reset and I had to watch like 15 minutes of cutscenes again. Luckily I didn’t use any VC yet.
Happened to me also…now I’m scared to even try and play the neighborhood. I didn’t even get to play a Game as 85 before I lost my save lol. Just sent a ticket and tweeted 2k support. It’s been 8 hours now though. Just having fun just playing quick games and checking out mygm for now…still mad though.
I bought 400,000 worth of vc and the game reset my player and took my vc. I created a ticket last night and got a automated reply this morning telling me to delete and reinstall the game. I did that and it deleted my player completely. Now I have to start over the prelude with a brand new player.

The good news is 2K has been actively working with victims of the bug on our forums. LD2K chimed in with these instructions:

Thanks guys, development is going to look into these tags further I just sent over. Might follow up with some questions. For anyone who runs into this, please fill out a support ticket. Our dev. team is investigating this and we’ll get this addressed. Thank you guys for helping out.

The official process is definitely to go through 2K Support. Some peeps are reporting getting some restoration to the problem.

In the meantime, definitely be careful with your MyPlayer’s until official word of a fix is brought in — especially if you have plans to unload some money on VC.

Also if you do experience the problem, be sure to describe it in the comments so we can track what could be causing it as a community. Definitely a bug that needs to be eradicated quickly!

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