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Out of the Park Baseball 20’s New Strikeout Kings!


Out of the Park Baseball 20

Out of the Park Baseball 20’s New Strikeout Kings!

Out of the Park Baseball 20 introduced its latest set of Perfect Team cards this week, players designed to get your squad over the hump in your Perfect Team Leagues and Tournaments! These Strikeout Kings are pitchers that make bats miss and hitters that have no problem swinging for the fences – even if it means the K’s pile up on occasion.

The latest episode of This Week in Perfect Team featured host Kris Jardine showing off all the new content. You can catch up on the episode archived on our YouTube channel, and be sure to tune in to the latest episodes of TwiPT every Monday at 9 PM ET at

Remember – Out of the Park Baseball 20 is now just $19.99 for the offseason! Now is a great time to jump into it. With the Hot Stove league cranked up, see for yourself what moves YOUR team should make this offseason to position themselves to win in 2020. You can get it directly from the OOTP website, from Steam, or from Origin

Here is this week’s card pack:

Strikeout Kings

  • Bronze Historical Hardware Hero – 2016 Chris Carter (1B; 61 OVR)
  • Bronze Historical Hardware Hero  – 2009 Mark Reynolds (3B; 62 OVR)
  • Gold Historical Legend – Peak Adam Dunn (LF, 80 OVR)
  • Gold Historical Rookie Sensation – 2012 Yu Darvish (RHP SP, 82 OVR)
  • Diamond Historical All Star – 1973 Bert Blyleven (RHP SP, 94 OVR)
  • Diamond Historical Hardware Hero – 1886 Matt Kilroy (LHP SP, 96 OVR)


The OOTP Now Podcast: The five best franchises to start in OOTP 20 

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The Kevin Kennedy Show: The Evolving Minor Leagues

Every Thursday brings a new episode of The Kevin Kennedy Show, brought to you by Out of the Park Baseball. Rich Grisham talks baseball with MLB player, manager, and announcer Kevin Kennedy, and no topic is off limits! This past week, the two went in-depth on what life was like in the Latin American Winter Leagues back in the 1970s and 1980s. As a longtime winter league manager, Kevin is passionate and lets you know exactly where he stands!

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