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Out of the Park Baseball 20 - A Thanksgiving First - Perfect Points Sale and Historical Packs

Out of the Park Baseball 20

Out of the Park Baseball 20 - A Thanksgiving First - Perfect Points Sale and Historical Packs

Happy Thanksgiving! Out of the Park Baseball 20 is offering two never-before-seen deals just for the holiday. For the first (and only?) time ever, they are running a Perfect Points Sale, which offers steep discounts for the in-game Perfect Team currency. Plus! Historical Packs have made their debut – and they contain a guaranteed Gold card and a complete set of Historical players. 

This only lasts until December 3!

In case you’ve been on the fence about picking up Out of the Park Baseball 20 – which is a little odd, considering it’s consistently the best-reviewed and best-selling sports strategy game in North America every year – it’s only $9.99 for the Steam Autumn Sale as well.

Who needs to go busting down doors when you can get all of this with one click of a mouse button?

To recap: 

  1. Perfect Points are on sale at a massive discount, for the first time ever! You can save 20% on 5,500 Perfect Point bundles, 30# on 12,000/25,000/75,000 Perfect Point bundles, and 40$ on 175,000 Perfect Point bundles
  2. For the first time ever, Historical Packs are available! Each pack contains all historical cards with at least one guaranteed Gold – and they only cost 10,000 Perfect Points!

Out of the Park Baseball 20 is now on sale for just $9.99, a 50% discount for the Steam Autumn Sale through December 3. You can get it directly from the OOTP website, from Steam, or from Origin.

The OOTP Now Podcast: A Perfect Team Thanksgiving 

Every Tuesday brings a new episode of OOTP Now, the popular podcast produced by the Out of the Park Developments crew. This week, host Rich Grisham chatted with the OOTP Community and Content Developer Kris Jardine all about the flurry of activity this week. They talk Tournaments, Collection Missions, new cards, old cards, and a whole lot of other topics. 

The Kevin Kennedy Show: Thanksgiving in the Winter Leagues

Every Thursday brings a new episode of The Kevin Kennedy Show, brought to you by Out of the Park Baseball. Rich Grisham talks baseball with MLB player, manager, and announcer Kevin Kennedy, and no topic is off limits! This past week, the two talked about Kevin’s many years playing and managing in the Latin American Winter Leagues. One thing is for sure – some of Kevin’s experiences would NEVER happen in today’s baseball world!

Don’t forget that Franchise Hockey Manager 6 – the best-reviewed and best-selling version of the venerable hockey strategy series ever – is available now! If you love Out of the Park Baseball, Franchise Hockey Manager is the perfect game for you too.

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