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Out of the Park Baseball 19 Available Now

Out of the Park Baseball 19

Out of the Park Baseball 19 Available Now

OOTP 19 is available now, featuring dramatic 3D enhancements, a redesigned interface, new scouting systems, ultra-realistic artificial intelligence, 2018 Opening Day rosters, and much more.

Customers can purchase OOTP 19 at a 10% discount for $35.99 during launch week, which ends on March 29, from OOTP Developments, Steam and EA Origin.

Out of the Park Developments, an official licensee of, the Major League Baseball Players Association, and, announced today that Out of the Park Baseball 19 is available worldwide, ahead of the start of the 2018 Major League Baseball season on March 29.

OOTP 19 offers dozens of exciting new features and deep improvements to its award-winning gameplay including a dramatic 3D in-game engine that shows players pitching, hitting, fielding, and running the bases. Images of the new in-game engine can be found in the screenshot bundle and in the trailer.

Out of the Park Baseball 19 includes:

  • New 3D stadiums and 3D player models with improved on-field movements, including running, sliding, jumping, and throwing.
  • New in-game screen design for an optimized virtual dugout.
  • 2018 roster sets with all Opening Day MLB rosters, as well as the complete minor league system from Triple-A to rookie leagues and the Arizona Fall League. All Major League (and over a thousand minor league) player ratings will be based on the popular ZiPS player projection system. The 8 international leagues, as well as independent minor leagues in the US, also return this year with accurate rosters.
  • Rewritten scouting reports that give a more detailed and realistic look at players.
  • New tournament modes! Create a stand-alone tournament bracket and draw any teams in history into it. The possibilities are endless!
  • Ultra-realistic AI roster management and in-game decisions.
  • A reworked ratings module.
  • User voting for end-of-season awards.

Many more improvements, including:

  • Redesigned interface, with the ability to choose between 6 different fonts
  • 800 custom team logos for fictional leagues
  • Improved Manager Home screen, with a more customizable layout and new widget options
  • A new stat — RA9-WAR (WAR based on runs allowed) — for pitchers
  • Delayed substitutions for injured players
  • And much more!

This summer, Out of the Park Developments will unveil an exciting new online mode called PERFECT TEAM. An open Beta will happen this spring, and the company will announce more information soon.

OOTP 19 runs on PC/Mac/Linux and like last year it features the American League and National League logos, the World Series trophy, official logos and jerseys for all 30 MLB teams, over 150 Minor League Baseball league and team logos, and historical MLB logos.


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  1. I'm blown away by the depth of this game. If you love baseball you need to give OOTP 19 a try. For a franchise/stats/career guy like me this game is heaven!
    I'm blown away by the depth of this game. If you love baseball you need to give OOTP 19 a try. For a franchise/stats/career guy like me this game is heaven!

    I'm big on stats and franchise, so I decided to finally give this game a try. It's downloading now. I'm excited.
    I'm blown away by the depth of this game. If you love baseball you need to give OOTP 19 a try. For a franchise/stats/career guy like me this game is heaven!

    I couldn’t agree more the game is awesome!
    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    I havent purchased it yet, but Im definitely getting it, after seeing it in action in a video, and with what everyone who has it already is saying. I was planning on buying it today, but they said with so many downloading it, the servers might have some trouble, and it take a while to download, so I decided to wait another day. I may just wait till they release a new patch next week, although not sure if I can hold off that long,lol.
    I havent bought OOTP since 15, but decided since the makers of MLBTS, seem to not have franchise mode as their top priority anymore, I have decided to boycott it this yr, or atleast till the price drops way down, and Im going to go with OOTP19. Im a stat junkie, and OOTP developers, put out by far each yr the most realistic baseball simulation, heck they put out the most realistic simulation of any sports game made, yr end and yr out. And now with actually seeing different ballparks, and actual players, making plays during the games, is what sold me in the end. They really have came along way from the last time I bought it, which was OOTP15.
    Loving the game is an understatement. Not to throw shade at The Show team, but that series was the lone reason I went with a PS4 back when it launched. Your game has made me buy it and potentially skip The Show altogether this year.
    It's been a few years since I've played OOTP, maybe more than a few years OOTP 7 or 8. No MLB the Show for me this season so OOTP could be it. I always did have fun..
    Oh my, 90 minutes in and there is so much to do. I'm having a blast.. Just doing lineups and rotations -
    Edit: Recaps of the games are pretty darn cool. Thank you, OOTP. Playing outside on my back patio. Yes.
    This game is addictive as hell.  I have wasted so many hours the last few days playing it.  Its the deep franchise mode that I crave.  I tried dabbled back in 16 but this game has me now.  I am having so much damn fun with this game.
    just started messing around with the 18 demo for some reason. i'm not even that big of a baseball fan. rarely watch on tv or go to a game, but jeez, game is incredible. absolutely love it. will be buying 19 soon.

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