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OOTP’s This Week In Perfect Team: Markus Gives Us a Perfect Team 2.0 Tour!

Out of the Park Baseball 20

OOTP’s This Week In Perfect Team: Markus Gives Us a Perfect Team 2.0 Tour!

Out of the Park Baseball 20 is available for pre-order now with a 10% discount and will release worldwide on March 22, so OOTP creator Markus Heinsohn stopped by the latest episode of This Week in Perfect Team to talk about all the exciting new features that will be found in Perfect Team 2.0. The thousands of fans who have been competing to be the best in OOTP 10’s Perfect Team mode have many new things to look forward to in a few weeks.

Perfect Team Community Manager Kris Jardine hosted the conversation with Markus, which is available in a YouTube replay for anyone who missed all the fun. Don’t forget that This Week in Perfect Team airs live every Monday at 8 PM ET at

New in Perfect Team 2.0

The new features that Markus revealed include:


  • 3,000 cards available at launch: 800 will be new 2019 MLB Live cards that will receive weekly ratings updates based on players real life performances, and 2,200 will be historical cards. As with OOTP 19, Perfect Team in OOTP 20 will have weekly content updates.
  • New Hardware Heroes category: It replaces the Top WAR category and features players who won major awards. The Historical Legend category cards also use a new rating algorithm that has resulted in about 50 Perfect cards.
  • A new league level: The new Iron level brings the total number of league levels to 6 and helps smooth out the team quality differences between levels. In addition, at least 4 teams will be promoted and relegated each week.
  • Tournaments: Markus said this expects to be rolled out in an update in April. The tournaments will vary in many ways, and they’ll run concurrently with regular leagues. Players can join up to 3 tournaments at once. Prizes will include Perfect Points, packs, and even super rare special edition cards.
  • Collection Missions: This will also show up in an update, likely in late April or early May. You’ll be tasked with collecting sets of cards that will result in rewards, such as exclusive cards and packs. However, you won’t be able to sell cards in finished collections.



And there’s even more to look forward to, including approximately 20 new achievements, auction house improvements, mass quickselling of cards, a universe-wide record book and leader boards, and much more.

If you pre-order OOTP 20, you’ll get access to it on March 18, four days before everyone else. However, it will be the final Beta version and Perfect Team mode will be limited to Entry Pool play, without the ability to buy Perfect Points. On March 21, Perfect Team in OOTP 20 will be reset and everyone will start from the beginning on March 22.

If you want even more OOTP 20 preview goodness, check out the latest episode in the OOTP Now podcast. This week, OOTP Community Lead T.J. Lauerman talked about OOTP 20’s new features with developer Matt Arnold. There’s also a replay of Jardine’s chat with Markus.

Until next week, keep ripping those packs in search of your own personal Perfect Team!



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  1. I've never been one to do the ultimate team modes (haven't touched Diamond Dynasty), but I am enjoying Perfect Team 1.0 right now. Sort of using it to bridge the gap between OOTP 19 and OOTP 20 (need fresh rosters for my next "project").
    I haven't spent any money on the mode (and I won't), but it's a pretty fun diversion all the same. What makes it for me is that: (1) you can actually be pretty competitive at the lower levels with a "moneyball" F2P team; and (2) it can just sim in the background as you play the main game. It's not like in The Show where you'd have to play, say, franchise or DD. In OOTP, you don't have to make that choice, which is a huge plus for me. Can set up a team, invest a few hours into building it, and then be as active/inactive as I want while pouring in an embarrassing number of hours in the main game.

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