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OOTP 19 Perfect Team Launches, How to Win A Copy of the Game Inside

Out of the Park Baseball 19

OOTP 19 Perfect Team Launches, How to Win A Copy of the Game Inside

The folks at OOTP developments are releasing their new mode, Perfect Team today.

To celebrate we are giving away five codes to download OOTP 19 for this event.

To win one of the codes, comment on this news post with your perfect lineup and starting pitcher rotation. What players would you put on your team to compose the best possible lineup you could imagine?

Let us know and win OOTP 19!

Out of the Park Developments, an official licensee of, the MLBPA, and, today announced the worldwide release of Perfect Team, its new online baseball multiplayer strategy mode. Out of the Park Baseball 19 owners and subscribers can participate for free. The game is available via Steam, Origin, Origin Access, or directly from Out of the Park Developments.

To celebrate the release of Perfect Team, Out of the Park Baseball 19 is currently available for just $9.99 on Steam, but only until Nov. 30.

The public beta of Perfect Team was an astounding success, with more than 8,000 teams participating in hundreds of simulated leagues with teams constructed from thousands of player cards. The participation was significantly more than expected, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community has propelled Perfect Team to the forefront of Out of the Park Developments’ community engagement.

In Perfect Team, players compete against each other in a dynamic online universe, fielding their own versions of “Perfect Teams” pulled from digital baseball cards collected over time. Teams battle each other in simulated online leagues of 30 teams each, featuring 5 league levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Perfect Leagues). These league tiers ensure all players are competing against others with similar levels of engagement.

Players put their teams together by collecting special Perfect Team cards, assembling lineups, defining tactics, and customizing their team color scheme, name, location, weather, and ballpark. Simulations run 28 times a day, in 30-minute intervals. At that pace, an entire season is completed within one week. Between simulations, players can make changes to their team (such as modifying lineups, strategies, and tactics), scouting their upcoming opponents, making roster moves, and acquiring more cards via packs or the marketplace.

After a season is over, the top teams of a league are promoted to the next level, while the bottom teams are relegated to a league one level below. The ultimate goal is to reach one of the Major Leagues with a Perfect Team, compete for World Series titles, and climb the ranking of the best Perfect Team managers worldwide!

“Perfect Team has been an amazing success in its beta form, which has positioned us wonderfully to deliver a complete experience to all our fans,” said CEO Markus Heinsohn. “Thanks to our extraordinary fan base feedback, we’ve been able to put together something I’m incredibly proud of. This is a new world; an always-on, dynamic online experience. Giving players the chance to assemble completely unique teams, tailored to their preferred style, and competing against other fans from around the world is uproariously fun.”

“This is the culmination of tremendous effort from everyone inside our organization as well as our amazing fans,” said CMO Richard Grisham. “Whether you’re a newcomer to our game or a veteran, players of all types have told us that Perfect Team is a really fun way to play baseball. The best part is that we’re just getting started! Perfect Team is going to grow based upon fan feedback all year long, with dozens of unique ways to participate no matter your personal play style and amount of time you want to spend in it”

The Out of the Park Baseball 19 update featuring the Perfect Team mode is now available worldwide for free. All owners of Out of the Park Baseball 19 are eligible, whether purchased from Steam, Origin, or directly from Out of the Park Baseball. In addition, subscribers to Origin Access can also get this free update.

Out of the Park Baseball 19 now sells for $19.99 and is available on Steam, EA Origin, and through the company’s website at these links:



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  1. My perfect team would be comprised of a variety of players across the diamond, not necessarily the best players stat-line wise at each position. Below is a breakdown of my squad that I would aim at creating in OOTP 19.
    Pitching: My dream starting rotation would be comprised of the below players. This staff composed of aces would put me in a position to win and help me move up to higher league levels.
    SP – Jacob deGrom (RHP) – NL Cy Young winner who led MLB in ERA. This man was lights out in several starts this season and would have had a better W/L record if he played on a team other than the New York Metropolitans.
    SP – Jon Lester (LHP) – One of my left-handed arms on my roster. Crafty veteran who puts up solid numbers on a yearly basis. 2018 saw him pitch to an 18-6 record and hopefully he won't have to complete many pick-off throws to 1B in OOTP 19.
    SP – Max Scherzer (RHP) – MLB strikeout leader, emotional leader in the clubhouse. Max’s 220 IP in 2018 led MLB. I would use his IP to my advantage to allow Scherzer to go deep into games while keeping my bullpen fresh for future games. In addition, I get one of the best MLB trash talkers on my team!
    SP – Jose Berrios (RHP) – Starting pitcher for my favorite team, the Minnesota Twins. Berrios had an up and down year in 2018,but really like the velocity on his fastball and has a wicked curveball that would keep batters guessing.
    SP – Chris Sale (LHP) – Another crafty left-handed pitcher in my rotation. Missed time this year due to injury but put up great stats in 2018. Who wouldn’t want the person who picked up the final three outs to win the 2018 World Series on their Perfect Team?
    My starting lineup would be an interesting mix of power hitting and hit-for-average ballplayers. In the end, my combination of lefty and right-handed bats would do some major damage and put opposing managers in a bind late in games as they would be forced to choose between a favorable pitching match ups or leaving a particular reliever in the game late.
    Starting Lineup:
    CF – Mookie Betts (R) – Leadoff batter on my squad who led MLB in batting average in 2018 with a .346 average. Betts' hitting ability would get him on base early and often which would allow me to play small ball and score some runs. He also has a solid arm in the outfield and can cover a lot of ground out in center field.
    SS – Javier Baez (R) – Baez bagged his first Silver Slugger award in 2018 batting .290 with 34 HR and 111 RBI.* This guy is known for swinging at pretty much everything in real-life which leads me to believe he will swing at most pitches in OOTP 19. I am willing to take this risk with my perfect team.
    LF – Giancarlo Stanton (R) – Adding another power hitter to my lineup, Stanton hit 38 HR and 100 RBI in 2018 with the Yankees while batting .266. Stanton ranked first in Runs Created (RC) for left fielders in 2018 with a rating of at 106.2. I would not expect anything less from this guy on my team. Also, batting Bryce Harper behind him in the lineup would subject Stanton to less intentional walks.
    RF – Bryce Harper (L) – MLB’s top free agent target signs with…my perfect team! Even though Bryce Harper’s batting average dropped (.319 in 2017 to .249 in 2018) this past year, I would still be all-in on him joining my club. This guy can rake with the best of them and I would bat him cleanup with the simple objective of obliterating baseballs and emptying the bases every at-bat. In addition to his hitting, his cannon arm in the outfield would help my team in OOTP 19.
    3B – Nolan Arenado (R) – Arenado would be my pick at the hot corner as he ranked in the Top 10 in several sabermetric categories for 3B in 2018. Batting .297 with 38 HR and 110 RBI, he would provide a solid bat behind Bryce Harper. Also, with Stanton/Harper/Arenado batting right/left/right-handed respectively, opposing teams would have to pick between a favorable pitching matchup or bringing in a relief pitcher to offset the alternating batting styles.
    1B – Anthony Rizzo (L) – Rizzo averaged at least 25 HR and 100+ RBI each of the last four years, and that consistency earns him a spot on my team. In addition, Rizzo bagged another NL Gold Glove award in 2018 and his defense at 1B would be a great asset as well. Also, as a bonus, he would be experienced in handling pick-off throws from Jon Lester when he is on the mound :-P
    2B – Jose Altuve (R) – Let’s face it, I would add Altuve to my team based on the amount of heart and dedication he brings to the ballpark day-in and day-out. His .316 batting average led all second basemen in 2018 which adds a nice boost at the bottom of my order.
    DH – Nelson Cruz (R) – Let’s get one thing out of the way. “Chicks dig the longball!!!” Cruz has hit at least 35 home runs and batted in 90+ runs in each of the past five seasons in MLB. This would give me some added pop at the bottom of my lineup. On a completely unrelated note, I am a fan of the designated hitter which is why the DH position is on my starting roster. Play Ball!
    C – JT Realmuto (R) – Solid catcher who hit .277 with 21 HR and 74 RBI for the Marlins in 2018.* In addition to his hitting prowess, JT ranked 2nd in MLB in caught-stealing percentage at .382 (threw out 21 runners while 34 to reach base). Having a strong arm behind the dish would be critical for my team’s success.
    GO TEAM!
    C - Wilson Ramos
    1B - Paul Goldschmidt
    2B - Jose Ramirez
    SS - Francisco Lindor
    3B - Alex Bregman
    OF - Mike Trout
    OF - Mookie Betts
    OF - Giancarlo Stanton
    DH - J.D. Martinez
    SP - Jacob DeGrom
    SP - Aaron Nola
    SP - Max Scherzer
    SP - Chris Sale
    SP - Blake Snell
    I would like to put together some of the oddest names in baseball. My team would consist of:
    Urban Shocker SP
    Cal McLish SP
    Oil Can Boyd SP
    Dick Pole SP
    Boof Bonser SP
    Kent Tekulve CP
    Pickles Dillhoefer C
    Razor Shines 1B
    Shooty Babitt 2B
    Pie Traynor 3B
    Pokey Reese SS
    Johnny Dickshot LF
    Chicken Wolf RF
    CoCo Crisp CF
    Honorable Mention
    Biff Pocoroba
    Tim Spooneybarger
    Wonderful Minds
    Rusty Knutz
    Cannonball Ledell Titcomb
    I'm a lifelong Indians fan, so I'd build a team of my favorite Tribe players from the 70's to the present:
    CF - Kenny Lofton
    2B - Roberto Alomar
    1B - Jim Thome
    DH - Albert Belle
    RF - Manny Ramirez
    SS - Francisco Lindor
    3B - Jose Ramirez
    C - Victor Martinez
    LF - Grady Sizemore
    SP - Corey Kluber
    SP - Bert Blyleven
    SP - Gaylord Perry
    SP - CC Sabathia
    SP - Dennis Eckersley
    I'd have to build my all-time lineup around my Mets.
    1: Jose Reyes SS
    2: Yoenis Cespedes LF
    3: Carlos Beltran CF
    4: Mike Piazza C
    5: Darryl Strawberry RF
    6: David Wright 3B
    7: Keith Hernandez 1B
    8: Wally Backman 2B
    9: (Pitcher Spot)
    SP: Tom Seaver
    SP: Dwight Gooden
    SP: Jacob DeGrom
    SP: Ron Darling
    SP: Jerry Koosman
    SU: John Franco
    C: Billy Wagner
    I started playing this mode the other night. Kind of a cool concept, but can see it being overrun by the big spenders!
    It got me to open OOTP again, so mission accomplished!

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