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OOTP 19 Perfect Team: Kris' Picks

Out of the Park Baseball 19

OOTP 19 Perfect Team: Kris' Picks

This week, Perfect Team Community Manager Kris Jardine was on the company’s Twitch channel to unveil six new Perfect Team cards that fit into a personal theme: a celebration of his birthday on Jan. 1. He noted that four of the cards featured players also born on Jan. 1, while the other two were players that held personal significance for him.

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You can catch the replay on the OOTP YouTube channel. In addition to showing off the six new Perfect Team cards, which made their debut in OOTP at the same time they were shown off in the Twitch stream, Jardine talked about pitcher ratings. Wondering what the Stuff, Movement, and Control ratings mean and which ones are more desirable for different pitching roles? Jardine explains it all.

The six new cards unveiled were:

Gold One-Hit Wonder – 1999 Fernando Tatis (81 OVR; also born on Jan. 1)

Gold Historical All-Star – 2015 Dallas Keuchel (86 OVR; also born on Jan. 1)

Bronze Unsung Heroes – 1999 Matt Stairs (60 OVR; hails from Jardine’s hometown of New Brunswick, Canada and one of his all-time favorite players)

Diamond Historical Legend – Tim Keefe (96 OVR; also born on Jan. 1)

Diamond Historical All-Star – 1993 Duane Ward (90 OVR; one of Jardine’s all-time favorite Blue Jays players)

Silver Historical Legend – Earl Torgeson (71 OVR; also born on Jan. 1)


How’s your team doing in Perfect Team? Maybe you’ll score one or more of these cards the next time you rip some packs!

This Week in Perfect Team airs every Monday at 8 PM ET at, hosted by Jardine.

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Finally, be sure to also check out the latest episode in the OOTP Now podcast, featuring Franchise Hockey Manager producer Jeff Riddolls chatting with host and OOTP Developments CMO Rich Grisham about all the ways to play FHM 5, which is on sale during the Steam Winter Sale too. FHM 5 is also 75% off (it’s just $9.99!).

Jardine and OOTP Community Lead T.J. Lauerman also talked to Grisham about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in Perfect Team and answered listener questions.

Until next time, keep ripping those packs in search of your own personal Perfect Team!


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