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New Online Mode Called HUT Rivals Has Arrived For NHL 20 - Full Details Here

NHL 20

New Online Mode Called HUT Rivals Has Arrived For NHL 20 - Full Details Here

NHL 20 is introducing a new online mode to Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT), bringing HUT Rivals to the series for the first time. HUT Rivals allows players to compete at a specific level online and get rewarded.

In addition to divisional progression and rewards, HUT Rivals also progresses players against HUT Champions qualification, the pinnacle of competition in Hockey Ultimate Team.

There are three different types of progress that will be affected after each HUT Rivals game:

  • Skill Rating: this rating determines the division players compete in, ensuring users are competing against players of a similar skill level. After each game the skill rating will increase or decrease, based on performance.
  • Rivals Points: these points will determine the weekly rewards obtained. Players earn Rivals Points after every game and will refresh at the start of every week.
  • HUT Champions Points: these points accumulate over time, progressing players towards HUT Champions qualification. After users reach 2,000 HUT Champions points, they can be redeemed for access to a weekend league.

Players can jump into the new online mode tomorrow, October 25. For more details on HUT Rivals, read the full blog here.

UPDATE: (10-25) HUT Rivals is available now.


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  1. Why do the offline guys even buy the game before Black Friday? You're all complaining about not starting until a roster update comes out and it sounds like it usually comes out right before Black Friday when the GAME IS HALF PRICE!!! So you buy the game at full price but have to wait until its half price before you can really start playing it..........come on sheeple!!! and you wonder why EA doesn't listen to us....maybe cause WE have convinced them that they are ACTUALLY smarter than us.

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