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Wreckfest Patch 1.43 Available - Patch Notes Here



Wreckfest Patch 1.43 Available - Patch Notes Here

The latest Wreckfest game update is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the patch notes below.


  • (XB1/PS4) Title no longer frequently crashes upon launching.
  • (XB1) Tournament leaderboard events now function correctly.
  • (PC) Weekly and monthly tournament events are no longer capped to 1,000 leaderboad entries.
  • (PC) Entering Tournament Mode is no longer allowed in case restricted mods are detected.


  • Replaced an offending Little Thrasher paint job.
  • Fixed graphical glitches in Raiden RS side windows and default tires.
  • Fixed clipped Honey Pot garage icon.


  • Fixed camera discontinuity issues, reducing flashes when changing vehicles and upgrades.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an heavily damaged car to turn into a mess of glitched geometry.
  • (PC) Scoring multiple hits in a quick succession now registers correctly.
  • (PC) In the tournament event details view, the player’s best score is always shown, even if leaderboards have not been updated yet.


  • Smoothened sound asset looping artifacts and improved stereo effect in player cockpit, hood & bumper views for Boomer & Boomer RS.
  • Fixed volume dip when accelerating very slooowly from idle RPM with Warwagon.
  • Adjusted Little Thrasher rev limiter effect for slightly sharper gating.
  • Added sound effect to Ring Of Fire on Hellride.

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Wreckfest is the best demolition derby game ever. This is not your apologetic vodka ginger on a warm summer day. No, this is not the turbulent misery of a Fireball shot. No sir. This not Flatout or Burnout. This is Wreckfest, and it’s your smooth, refined whiskey soda meant to tickle the visceral notes of your palate.

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