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New Need For Speed Heat Patch Available Now - Patch Notes Here


Need For Speed Heat

New Need For Speed Heat Patch Available Now - Patch Notes Here

A new Need For Speed Heat patch arrives today, featuring steering wheel support, a new chat wheel to make communication easier, keys to the map (uncovers the locations on the in-game map) and much more.

UPDATE: The patch is available now, here are the file sizes:

  • PC – 3.5 GB
  • PS4 – 5.65 GB
  • Xbox One – 4.94 GB

Here are the steering wheels that are supported, there might be a few others that work, so make sure to test yours.

  • Thrustmaster T300RS (PS4, PC)
  • Thrustmaster TX (Xbox, PC)
  • Thrustmaster T150 (PS4, PC)
  • Thrustmaster TMX (Xbox, PC)
  • Logitech G29 (PS4, PC)
  • Logitech G920 (Xbox, PC)
  • Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel (PS4, PC, XB1)

For PC players: Make sure to install the Logitech G Hub, regardless of the wheel manufacturer and model you are using.

For Console players: Make sure that your steering wheel is assigned to your console profile before launching the game. When launching the game, press the respective steering wheel button on the title screen to enable steering wheel play: A on Xbox, X on PlayStation.

Please note that in order to access all features in the game, you will need to use a combination of steering wheel and controller.


Chat Wheel

To make communication in-game easier, we are implementing a chat wheel. That means you will be able to send pre-made text messages to friends or rivals. From saying hello, challenging players to a race or just asking them to follow you, we hope this feature makes communication easier for you. It also helps to cross language barriers, as incoming messages will be displayed in the same language that your game is set to. You can also turn the chat messages on or off at any time.


Keys to the Map

You might notice a new tab in the menu, the in-game store. It will feature the “Keys to the Map”. This is a real-money purchase which will uncover the locations on the in-game map, including collectibles, activities, and gas stations. You will still have to complete the activities like smashing billboards or 3-star jumps, but you won’t have to look for the locations. This is one of the things we announced around Gamescom, and you could also call it a time-saver pack.

Please note that one thing will not be revealed by the Keys to the Map: One safe house location will be uncovered and unlocked upon reaching a certain point in the campaign and is not included here.

The patch notes are extensive, check them out the official reddit page.

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