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New Gear Coming to Madden NFL 21's The Yard Mode, From Designer John Geiger


Madden NFL 21

New Gear Coming to Madden NFL 21's The Yard Mode, From Designer John Geiger

For those of you into Madden NFL 21’s The Yard mode, EA Sports and Madden NFL 21 has partnered with designer John Geiger, to bring in a premium, lifestyle product to the mode tomorrow September 26, as part of Madden NFL 21 SZ1 live service.

John Geiger inspires innovation and designs for the future, through a premium fashion lens, and is a household name among today’s top athletes, with his infamous 002 sneaker worn by NBA players in the tunnel and various sneakerheads worldwide.

The John Geiger x Madden NFL 21 collaboration will feature unique playable experiences, coinciding with digital fashion and footwear capsules, that players can unlock in-game including:

  • An exclusive player outfit, blurring the lines of high-fashion and performance football, that highlights a vibrant color palette of electric greens and bright pinks inspired by the hype and energy around NFL Kickoff (available in Madden 21’s all-new mode, The Yard)
  • An all-new 002 cleat in multiple colorways, inspired by John Geiger’s infamous 002 Footwear Model that has been a fashion staple for NFL athletes like Patrick Mahomes, Von Miller and AJ Green (available in Madden 21’s all-new mode, The Yard)
  • In the Madden NFL 21’s all-new mode, The Yard, players can win with style and earn exclusive gear designed by JG himself by completing the challenge in the Miami Port Field

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  1. Wow,* how sad to see the Madden Franchise has become... to this .The Yard!* Well that says it all where sports video gaming is going or should I say has gone doesn't it? Madden Football Dress-up, Dead By Daylight Style!
    I completely agree that it sucks we don’t get to see anything for franchise/play now, but I do enjoy playing the Yard. And the designs haven’t been to bad. I just wish they gave us the option to create our own uniforms and fields for the Yard. I felt madden mobile was on to something the more you progressed the more members joined your team and you had “regular” running plays. Im looking forward to more designs that come out for it. It would be sweet if they added the alternate helmets that have been created on NFL shop.
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    I have no problem with the yard its a good mode I enjoy it. I understand you can either grind it out to get some of the gear in the game or the EA monopoly of spend real cash to get this gear. It just frustrating that you have it available in one mode and not the others when it come to customization.
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    My wife just put out the wooden pumpkins in my yard, it's the time of the season. No NFL players came to play though! If you build it, they will come!
    This is one of the reasons I hate the yard. Besides the fact that ea cornered the sim market and are now neglecting said market to focus on the arcade side, y’all been complaining about gear for ages (not me... there are bigger issues) so ea toys with you and decide to give you the new gear but you have to play that stupid nonsense mode to use it. That shows they had the ability this time but they just didn’t care.
    Unless of course ea decides to go with the “the nfl won’t allow it” route.

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