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NBA 2K18 MyTeam: Weeks 37 and 38

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 MyTeam: Weeks 37 and 38

Apparently now it’s Throwback Thursday every other day.

McGrady, Baron Davis, Penny, the Baby-Faced Assassin and Mr. Re-Dirk-ulousness himself (who I’m kind of pissed I already busted my a** for a now-worthless diamond of) all have pink diamonds. And as of the day I’m writing this, three of those players are BIN.

Yup, you can buy pink diamonds in the auction house for less than 100K MT. Considerably less for Mr. Davis, who is hovering around 40K. I haven’t tried him yet, but probably will soon.

The influx of awesome throwback cards has absolutely destroyed the auction house. But, instead of stacking my team with the most awesome players… I’m dialing it back.

Okay, except for LeBron, who is absolutely the most awesome of all the awesome diamonds I’ve played with thus far.

And yes, I got back together with James Harden, who was barely over 100K this last weekend. What can I say, we’re meant to be together. But anyway, I call this lineup my “Wishful Thinking 2019 Rockets Death Squad.” After we sign LeBron (fingers crossed) in the offseason, this is how we’ll match up with the Warriors in the inevitable Western Conference Finals rematch.

And you better believe this Rockets lineup would wipe the floor with those smug jerks. (I’m bitter, obviously.)

But if you’re still enjoying MyTeam, whether it be via Super Max (which runs at least until July 29th), Domination (if you haven’t yet finished it), or if you’re just popping on for the Weekly Challenges, now is the time to peruse the auction house. You can get a ton of diamonds for under 25K. Some under-the-radar gems are even under 10K.

I actually just bought a diamond Denis Johnson for 5,900 MT, and he’s one of the best defenders I’ve had the pleasure of adding to my team.

Hopefully there will be more Moments Challenges at some point, though I worry this may be the end of the road. In any case, I’ll be here as long as there are weekly challenges to play and new cards being released, so until next time, have fun trying out insanely overpowered versions of players like Elton Brand, Eddie Jones and/or my personal favorite, Andrei Kirilenko.

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