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NBA 2K18 MyTeam: Week 36

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 MyTeam: Week 36

Well, we finally got that CP3 moments card! And he just so happens to have a dynamic duo…can you guess with whom?

If you guessed James Harden, you’d be right. But, it’s not the 96-rated diamond Harden, oh no, that would make too much sense. It’s actually the freaking pink diamond Harden that I sold a few weeks ago! Thanks, 2K. PD Harden gets his shooting stats all raised to 99, and Chris Paul goes from a 95 to a 97. Plus, he already has 17 hall of fame badges. Absolutely insane.

Speaking of duos, 2K has been releasing quite a few lately, and I’m going to take a moment to review three that I’ve tried. So presented in order of personal usefulness (from least to most), here are:

  1. Amethyst Julius Erving and ruby Mo Cheeks: So my expectations were high for this duo, and specifically the Dr. J card. It seemed like a respectable replacement for the diamond Dr. J I didn’t have the energy (or MT) to earn from the Eastern Conference historic collection. But he really didn’t seem all that great, even with the duo boost. Add in the fact that neither player can really shoot the three, and selling seemed like the right decision — especially considering that Mo Cheeks’ ruby got me about 15K on the auction house, which was a pleasant surprise.
  2. Ruby Shane Battier and ruby Mario Chalmers: First of all, these two rubies both become amethysts, which is pretty sick. But second, and most importantly, to get that big of a leap to their 3-point ratings are JACKED UP. I’ve always loved Shane Battier, but never been a huge Mario fan…until now. In addition to being a great shooter, this card is quite the playmaker as well. Very impressive, especially considering how cheap these cards are.
  3. Amethyst Hakeem Olajuwon and amethyst Ralph Sampson: It’s not the Hakeem duo I really wanted, but using a juiced version of the twin towers has been pretty amazing. They both become diamonds, and are defensive/rebounding beasts. Seriously, I can’t recommend this duo enough.

Here is my current “Rockets” squad:

Once I can add that Chris Paul, plus the Ariza/Tucker duo, PLUS maybe the new throwback Yao Ming diamond —

— l think I’ll be pretty much done. (There is also another diamond Kobe with some upgraded badges, if you’re into that sort of thing, which I think most of you are because his auction house price is insane right now.)

And I guess people aren’t buying regular Playoff Moments packs anymore because those cards are pretty pricey too unfortunately, but at this point I can be patient. Whenever the inevitable Finals MVP pink diamond Durant or Curry gets added, all prices will surely drop.

Oh yeah, speaking of PD cards for players currently in the Finals, I guess instead of a typical Premium Pack this week, we get the privilege of overpaying for LeBron-centric packs.


That would be a huge “NO” for me. I bought three packs with MT, got absolutely nothing, and am wishing I’d have saved that cash for the Rockets cards. At least there are a few new Moments and Weekly challenges to help build back up that MT.

So, back to the grind. I’m coming for you CP3!

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