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NBA 2K17 Remains a Solid Buy

NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 Remains a Solid Buy

NBA 2K has been considered the gold standard of sports games. Every other sports game has been judged against 2K’s overall quality over the past couple of years.

This year, NBA 2K17 isn’t much different.

Initially I gave the game a 9.0, which qualifies as an all-time classic on our scoring scale.

There’s a lot to like about this year’s game, but more than a month after release and with the NBA season just beginning, it’s worth taking a look at the game again to see if it still holds up to those initial lofty impressions.

What Has Changed Since Release?

The biggest improvements have come in MyPark and 2K Pro-Am where a variety of changes have taken place.

If your player is injured in MyCareer, they won’t be in Pro-Am, which was an obvious change. Badges and other small problems in the mode now work better.

Gameplay wise we’ve not yet seen huge changes, and the game still plays relatively like its initial state at release. Mike Wang has indicated some big changes are coming though, so just be ready for that if you jump in during the next week or so.

What Is the Most Enjoyable Play Experience?

Right now, if you like going online and playing, you cannot beat Pro-Am. Getting a team together and playing other teams is just an enjoyable experience with a decently balanced game of basketball. In terms of online gaming with sports, it’s about as good as it gets.

If you are more like me and a lone-wolf kind of guy who likes the traditional single-player modes, MyGM still offers the best franchise management experience in all of sports games. I’ll end up playing multiple seasons with my OKC Thunder, and for good reason.

Balancing your players’ needs, wants and desires with your team’s is a fun balancing act. Managing the salary cap along with trying to keep the owner happy? It’s all in a day’s work. To me, MyGM remains the pinnacle of a well made sports gaming mode and it’s well worth your time investment.

The other game modes remain solid as well, though I still don’t think much of MyCareer. You’ll find there’s a lot to love across the board though, and a variety of play experiences to fit just about anyone’s need.

Is the Game Still Worth Buying New?

NBA 2K17 remains a great deal at $60. With the NBA season just beginning, the basketball mood will only continue to rise for the next few months, and thus, the online community as well as the overall feel of the basketball season being fresh will continue to justify the game’s price.

As a side note, it’s kind of silly NBA 2K releases so early as basketball season really doesn’t get to the forefront of our attention until December. The game could release at/near opening day and be just fine.

You’ll find plenty to do and a robust online community online playing the game every day. Out of the box, NBA 2K17 plays an extremely good game of basketball. Assuming patches don’t mess with that experience and only improve it, you are going to continue to have every reason to jump in and play.

There’s no reason to wait on a price drop at this point, NBA 2K17 remains a solid buy.

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