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MXGP 2021 Patch Adds Custom Gameplay Cameras, Mantova Track For All Game Modes & More

mxgp 2021 patch

MXGP 2021

MXGP 2021 Patch Adds Custom Gameplay Cameras, Mantova Track For All Game Modes & More

Milestone has released a new MXGP 2021 patch adding custom gameplay cameras, the Mantova track for all game modes, including career mode and more. The patch is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Check out the patch notes below.

  • Added Mantova track on all offline and online game modes. It is also playable in career.
  • Added Desert map to Track Editor. Create unique tracks on this new map and share it worldwide.
  • Added Tear Off feature on all game modes. Tired of mud on your goggles? Just use the tear off to clean them.
  • Added players’ Ghosts on Time Attack game mode.  Upload your best Ghost on the leaderboards and improve your times by racing against other players’ Ghosts.
  • Added Gameplay cameras Customization. Now you could customize all gameplay cameras, in order to create the best one for your riding style.
  • Added bike info before starting a duel or a challenge in career game mode.
  • Updated Vsevolod Brylyakov with latest gears he has used during MXGP World Championship.
  • Fixed a bug with anti-cheat system. Now you can upload your best times without any problem.
  • Improved stability
  • Minor fixes

The improved handling and new weight of your bike are enough to recommend this game to both hardcore fans and people who are looking to just pick it up and have some fun. Make sure to read our review here.

The MXGP series from Milestone has been a favorite of mine since its inception back in 2014 with MXGP: The Official Video Game. But even as a favorite of mine, I am not blind to some of the issues, and the inability or unwillingness for Milestone to make major improvements on a yearly basis.

With the MXGP franchise, it has always been about small steps forward, and occasionally a step or two back. Some years the release has been well received by both fans and media, and other times both sides of that coin have been against some changes.


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  1. I like these games but I really wish they would give us the option to play them our way. Just give us the option to turn the rain off and the dirt particles on screen off. I find these two things to be very annoying. I want to be able to run my career and custom championships on dry tracks with no crap on my TV screen , is this to much to ask? I own every MXGP and SX game they have released but 2021 will be my last unless we get some options to turn things off.

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