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MLB The Show 21: Battle Royale Season 6 Program Includes Aroldis and Musial

Signature Series Aroldis Chapman Battle Royale Season 6

MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21: Battle Royale Season 6 Program Includes Aroldis and Musial

Battle Royale Season 6 starts today in MLB The Show 21, and this is a season of transition for BR. Beyond the two new Flawless rewards, we get an extra choice pack in the rewards track now, and we’ll soon be able to select more diamonds during our drafts. Starting with the new Flawless players, we get Awards Stan Musial and Signature Series Aroldis Chapman this go around. As I say every time now, BR rewards are the de-facto ones to chase these days as the programs are very fair — and this is even more true starting with Season 6 — and even if you can’t ever go 12-0, you can absolutely get all the best rewards with some time and patience. However, I would say don’t keep re-drafting in hopes of getting players you need to accrue stats with for program points. It’s not consistent enough, so just play out your runs like normal.

Looking at Awards Stan Musial, he has max contact from both sides of the plate and has 121 power vs. LHP. Stan is always one of the best pure hitters in The Show, but his issues tend to come elsewhere. He does have some amount of positional flexibility, but he’s only a bronze fielder, and he only has 47 speed. He’s one of the most all-bat elite options we tend to get, and this is just as true this year.

With Signature Series Aroldis Chapman, this is always one of the most anticipated and desired cards around. This version has a slider, sinker, splitter, and changeup — beyond the obvious Outlier on his 4-seam fastball. He has 96 control of the 4 seam, 94 control of the slider, and 84 control of the sinker. He also has 99 break on the 4-seam and sinker, plus 95 break on the slider and splitter. To cap it all off, he has 125 H/9. This looks like a truly demonic card.

Let’s cover all the new silver, gold, and diamond players (there is a new Albert Pujols as well), plus let’s go over all the other new rewards you can snag along the way.

MLB The Show 21 Battle Royale Season 6 Program

New top rewards:

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  • Awards Stan Musial (99 overall)
  • Signature Series Aroldis Chapman (99)


  • 5 BR points – 1,500 stubs
  • 10 BR points – BR silver player choice pack
    • Veteran Justin Wilson
    • Veteran Ken Griffey Sr.
    • Veteran Sean Rodriguez
    • Rookie Giancarlo Stanton

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  • 15 BR points – The Show pack
  • 20 BR points – 1,500 stubs
  • 25 BR points –  BR gold choice pack
    • Breakout Michael Conforto
    • All-Star Tyler Clippard
    • All-Star Babe Ruth
    • Rookie Alex Wood

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  • 30 BR points – BR silver choice pack
  • 35 BR points – 1,500 stubs
  • 40 BR points – BR gold choice pack
  • 45 BR points – BR silver choice pack
  • 50 BR points – BR gold choice pack
  • 55 BR points – 1,500 stubs
  • 60 BR points – BR silver choice pack
  • 65 BR points – Ballin’ Is A Habit pack
  • 70 BR points – 3,000 stubs
  • 75 BR points – gold BR choice pack
  • 80 BR points – BR diamond choice pack from old BR programs

Battle Royale Season 6

This new pack includes all the old diamond players from the Flawless rounds and the players you would see towards the end of the BR program (Jorge Soler, Jorge Posada, etc.). The only two players not included here are the Season 5 Flawless players, Bryce Harper and Kenley Jansen.

  • 85 BR points – 3,000 stubs
  • 90 BR points – 2nd Half Heroes Albert Pujols

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There is no doubt we are going to get an even better Pujols than this, so I’m not sure how to really assess this card. If this were the best Pujols card we were getting all year, it would be a major disappointment as I think this 97 overall perhaps even exaggerates how good this card will be. That said, it still comes down to your love for his stance, and if that’s there then this card should still mash. Nevertheless, this is a relatively plodding 1B with no positional flexibility. He does not have truly elite power or contact attributes — or even vision. He’s got great hitting stats, but we just already have much better out there.

  • 95 BR points – Ballin’ Is A Habit pack (x5)
  • 100 BR points – BR diamond choice pack

You can also acquire all these players in The Show marketplace.


The mission point totals were buffed slightly for the one-off missions.

  • Win 1 BR game – 1 point (repeatable)
  • Go 12-0 – 20 points (repeatable)
  • Win 9+ games in a run – 10 points (repeatable)
  • 40 total bases in one BR entry – 10 points
  • 10 XBH in a single BR entry – 10 points
  • 10 Ks in a single BR entry – 10 points
  • Hit a home rune with Breakout Conforto – 7 points
  • Tally 2 XBH with All-Star Babe Ruth – 7 points
  • Tally 3 strikeouts with All-Star Tyler Clippard – 7 points
  • Tally 3 strikeouts with Rookie Alex Wood – 7 points
  • Tally 5 hits with Veteran Ken Griffey Sr – 7 points
  • Tally 8 total bases with Veteran Sean Rodriguez – 7 points
  • Hit a home run with Rookie Giancarlo Stanton – 7 points
  • Tally 3 strikeouts with Veteran Justin Wilson – 7 points

Bottom Line

I’m not sure I love the news that we’ll soon have a dedicated 99 overall round in BR, plus a couple more diamond picks, but it’s not unexpected. I tend to like using worse players in BR since the offense already gets out of hand, but this doesn’t change the fact that the rewards structure here remains very lucrative. The old BR rewards will go down in price now that you don’t need to even finish the program to get to them, but that’s also not an unexpected turn of events.

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