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MLB The Show 19 Moments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

MLB The Show 19

MLB The Show 19 Moments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The introduction of Moments to Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB The Show 19 provides a new and unique way to play against the CPU and earn rewards for completing specific goals, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come without some frustrations. As is often the case when implementing something new, there are the usual flaws that need to be ironed out in order to make these Moments as enjoyable as possible. So let’s have a closer look at what aspects of Moments can be really fun and which can be tedious by getting into the mode and separating the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good


One of my initial thoughts with Moments was that they might feel like a chore to complete, much like most of the challenges in Madden 19 that see you accomplishing the same couple of things over and over again. But thankfully, there are a lot of different types of Moments to play, allowing you to experience an array of situations that typically arise during a baseball game. This means you’ll be tasked with anything from getting out of jams on the mound, driving in runs at the plate and even trying to accomplish loftier goals over the course of multiple games.


One of the best things about Moments is how they’re able to integrate many of the game’s different modes within them, giving you just enough of a taste to perhaps entice you to jump into the full experience of that mode later. Whether that has you experiencing a little piece of March to October by trying to re-create the Cubs’ magical World Series run a few years ago or getting locked in as one specific player and trying to achieve certain stats in games that nod to the Road to the Show experience, Moments do a stellar job of getting you hooked on all of the different ways to play.

Innings Programs

Playing the various Moments can be especially fulfilling because completing them will always reward you with a certain number of “program stars” that will provide you with increasingly better rewards as you accumulate them. These rewards will include regular packs, fantasy packs where you choose from different card options, and the inning programs ultimately culminate in selecting one of a few different boss players that will allow you to obtain a diamond player that fills a particular need on your squad.

The Bad

Too Challenging?

Another thing that sets Moments apart from Madden challenges is that the Madden challenges are often fairly straightforward and relatively simple, requiring more effort to simply endure them rather than overcome their obstacles. But the MLB The Show 19 Moments provide you instead with challenges that run the gamut across an array of different game lengths and difficulties, ranging from those you will likely complete in your first attempt to ones that might drive you to the brink of madness while playing them over and over again. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to complete a Moment that requires you to play a full 9-inning game only to have you blow a lead in the ninth and have to start all over again with nothing to show for your efforts.

The New Grind

While completing certain Moments may get you some program stars that can be used towards better and better rewards, there are plenty of other Moments that might take a lot of time to complete without offering you all that much in return. These ones will often give you only a small amount of XP and stubs for all of your valuable time while dangling better rewards if you’re willing to complete an entire series of Moments. But even some of the larger rewards for doing that don’t really amount to anything more than some low gold cards that probably won’t even find a place in your lineup or fetch much on the market because of how common the cards have become.

Road To The Show Woes

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that many of the Moments lock you in as a certain player like in Road to the Show and expect you to accomplish different tasks in a single game or over the course of a series of games, but the decision naturally comes with some accompanying headaches. If you’re expected to score runs or drive in runs within a challenge, for example, you’ll always be at least somewhat at the mercy of what your teammates do around you. That means there’s an element to these Moments that is completely out of your control and, because of this, your success or failure can often be based more on random luck rather than your own skill.

The Ugly

Throw Some Strikes

It sure is awfully hard to achieve goals at the plate required by certain Moments when the opposing CPU pitcher <extreme Adam Sandler yelling voice> NEVER EVEN THROWS THE BALL OVER THE DAMN PLATE! What are you supposed to do when you need hit a home run in order to complete the challenge, start flailing at bad pitches just to avoid a walk? It seems like something could and should be done to get pitchers to throw better pitches to hit, or maybe at least provide some sort of secondary reward for showing a good eye at the plate and working the walk.

Created Player Moments

Not having a fair opportunity to succeed at Moments is unfortunately a regular occurrence that extends beyond just the hitting missions. There are some Moments within the created player section that will require you to obtain an assist while in the field but then the game will present you with a play that doesn’t even involve you. Needless to say, it’s a whole different level of frustration when you have to replay a Moment again and again not because you’re unable to perform the necessary requirements but simply because you aren’t even given a chance to perform the necessary requirements.

Tricky Difficulty

Many members of the MLB The Show community have been quick to point out that, while a Moment may have a stated difficulty of something familiar like Veteran or All-Star, there are some other variables in play that can cause the Moment to actually feel a little bit harder than advertised. For instance, in ones where you’re looking to hit a home run in order earn your reward, the player you’re required to use may not have all that much power at his disposal and, to make matters even worse, you may be forced to face a pitcher who has really high HR/9 and H/9 attributes. These factors can cause an All-Star difficulty Moment to play a little more like Hall of Fame or even Legend.


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  1. Good or bad , ugly or beautiful , Moments IMO doesnt need to be this great big time consumer , it should be a minor feature like postseason mode or homerun derby or play now or retro mode.
    I had some great tense moments in...moments.
    Ofcourse some things are tuned to a certain outcome, like Bartolo was definitely juiced in the homerun challenge otherwise you would probably never hit a homerun haha.
    I liked the challenge where you had to steal 2 bases against a hard throwing catcher and you couldn’t get caught once with your own team for example. I couldn’t get it because I didn’t had a lot of speed on my team at the time but after a while I got a speedy guy put him on my roster and went back to the challenge and finally got it.
    I think that’s exactly what this mode should be!
    I really like the moments mode.  Some can be infuriating, I can't tell how many times I've tried to go 3 for 4, hit a homer with Otonhi, only to have a 2 hit game with 1 HR, or 3 hits and one warning track hit!  
    The multiple ways to achieve the goals is really something special.  I do agree that when you've got to get an OF assist and the ball never gets to the OF'er in question, it can be maddening...  But I appreciate the quick restart instead of going through the load process again.
    I'm glad they added this in this year.  With this addition, and MtO, it's providing other ways to play that really make me want to sink my teeth into.  I know they might not be the most popular right now, but by the end of the season, I can see them becoming very much a core part of the experience.
    I mean, the first year DD was put in the game I was iffy about it...  And now it's the main mode I play.  And I find myself reorienting back to MtO using teams I'd NEVER have played a season/franchise with, and always find myself checking for the next batch of moments from this year.  
    Great job by the ppl at San Diego studios!
    This is a well-written article, and summarizes my thoughts pretty well.  I absolutely despise moments.  On the surface, it looks like a great feature that can be highly rewarding.  Unfortunately for me, there is at least one moment in each series that I am just unable to complete, and therefore can not finish ANY of the series, and have received none of those rewards.  I attempted one of the Willie Mays moments (2 HR"s in 1 game) for 5 hours straight, with no luck.  Even had a HR and one of those inside-the-park HR's that they call a triple, so it didn't count.  I don't even view these as achievable for me, and if that's the direction they're heading with the game, this might be my last year with it.
    I am surprised how much I am enjoying the moments game mode. I kind of pick and chose the ones that interest me and just play those for the fun of it.
    I’m not playing much, played only few short ones so far and not planning being involve in multi-games ones.
    Yesterday night I tried the one where NYY Gardner show up with 3 on bases and the goal is to hit home-run. Then I decided to check Gardners ratings. Surprise, his contact is at something in the 80s ( I’m ok with that) but his right handed Power to 98 !!!!
    I don’t get it, what’s the point of having a moment with Gardner if he’s being buffed to a Stanton level ?
    I have to say it was a turn off for me. Any other moments like this one ?
    This just happened in the 3rd (final) Dozier game for me, after I got 5 non-homer hits prior to this game. Never give up, even when you don't think you'll get another at-bat.

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