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Milestone Ryan Zimmerman Added to 5th Inning Program

Milestone Ryan Zimmerman

MLB The Show 21

Milestone Ryan Zimmerman Added to 5th Inning Program

The 5th Inning Program is entering its final days, which mean we have one last player program here with Milestone Ryan Zimmerman. This is not an overly impressive 3B card, but it has inherent value being a Milestone card that can be used for something like the Mookie Betts collection or as XP for the 5th Inning Program itself.

The card is a reverse-platoon specialist. Milestone Ryan Zimmerman destroys right-handed pitching, but he doesn’t have much speed, and even with diamond fielding I would not say he’s among the elite on defense either.

As it relates to the 5th Inning Program, you will get 35,000 XP for collecting Zimmerman.

Milestone Ryan Zimmerman

Milestone Ryan Zimmerman Moments


  • Brand New Season
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Tally 4 total bases
  • Zim Hits The Gym
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Hit 1 home run
  • Double Trouble
    • Difficulty: Rookie
    • Tally 8 total bases
  • The Fourth Is With Him
    • Difficulty: Rookie
    • Tally 2 XBH
  • One For The Road
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Get on base 2 times
  • A Couple Of Accolades
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Tally 3 hits


  • Tally 5 XBH with 3B online – 10 points
  • Tally 3 home runs with Nationals players online – 10 points
  • Defeat the Nationals on All-Star difficulty – 8 points


  • Exchange 3B – 5 points


  • 10 points – 500 stubs
  • 20 points – MLB The Show pack
  • 30 points – 1,000 stubs
  • 40 points – The Show pack (x2)
  • 50 points – Milestone Ryan Zimmerman

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