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Madden NFL 21 Player Ratings: Top 10 Quarterbacks - Top QB Speed & Throw Power Ratings Also Included

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Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21 Player Ratings: Top 10 Quarterbacks - Top QB Speed & Throw Power Ratings Also Included

ESPN has revealed the top 10 quarterbacks in Madden NFL 21, by overall rating.

  • Patrick Mahomes (Overall 99)
  • Russell Wilson (Overall 97)
  • Lamar Jackson (Overall 94)
  • Drew Brees (Overall 93)
  • Tom Brady (Overall 90)
  • Aaron Rodgers (Overall 89)
  • Matt Ryan (Overall 87)
  • Deshaun Watson (Overall 86)
  • Dak Prescott (Overall 84)
  • Carson Wentz (Overall 84)

They also provided the fastest quarterbacks in Madden NFL 21, by overall speed rating.

  • Lamar Jackson (96 Speed)
  • Kyler Murray (91 Speed)
  • Taysom Hill (90 Speed)
  • Marcus Mariota (88 Speed)
  • Tyrod Taylor (87 Speed)

The quarterbacks with the highest throw power rating in Madden NFL 21 were also revealed.

  • Josh Allen (99 Throw Power)
  • Patrick Mahomes (97 Throw Power)
  • Matthew Stafford (94 Throw Power)
  • Aaron Rodgers (94 Throw Power)
  • Cam Newton (93 Throw Power)
  • Baker Mayfield (93 Throw Power)
  • Jacob Eason (93 Throw Power)
  • Justin Herbert (92 Throw Power)
  • Joe Flacco (92 Throw Power)
  • Lamar Jackson (92 Throw Power)

Madden NFL 21 launches on August 28, or 3 days earlier by pre-ordering the MVP Edition. EA SPORTS also offers Dual Entitlement, creating ways for players who purchase either an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 to upgrade their copy of Madden NFL 21 from prior generation Xbox One or PlayStation 4 platforms, at no additional cost.

This offer will be in place all the way through the Madden NFL 21 season, up to the release of Madden NFL 22, so players can upgrade whenever they first purchase their new console within that period. Of note, physical discs cannot currently be used to upgrade to discless consoles.


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  1. Brady as a 90 OVR is a joke. His numbers were around league average last year. If he wasn't named "Tom Brady", his rating would be in the low-mid 80's.
    ‪Digging into the very limited ratings released so far:
    It appears pocket QBs’ Stamina ratings generally got tanked across the board (except Brady, who has all the intangibles). Brees - 77, Wentz - 76, Ryan - 74.
    I assume this change was made to emphasize the new non-RB ballcarrier stamina penalties discussed previously in the gameplay stream. Something to watch as we move forward, at least.
    Watson at 86. What did he do to the Ratings Adjusters? Slap their mothers?
    Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk

    ratings guy is a cowboys fan
    i wouild have watson at 89 or 91
    If he’s punishing Watson because of the Texans losses then that completely wrong. Deshaun has been clutch and given the Texans the lead in the late 4th many times only to see the defense give the game away in the last 35-45 seconds. Since most of my family are Texans fans (family is from Houston) I get to laugh a lot at their misfortune lol. Deshaun should be a  91-92. He has earned and proven that he is one of the toughest, clutch QBs in the game. 
    I'm not someone who argues about ratings, but the Brady 99 stamina seems strange to me.

    It seems to correlate to QB fumbles. Brady had 4 last season (and he's been quite good the last few years). Some of the other pocket QBs with lower stamina ratings had significantly higher fumble numbers.
    That's just a guess on my part....but it's the only thing that makes sense mechanically.

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