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Madden NFL 21 Patch Updates Pro Bowl Roster


Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21 Patch Updates Pro Bowl Roster

A small Madden NFL 21 game update arrived earlier this morning to update the Pro Bowl roster, which includes the winners of the Video Game Numbers Challenge, Miles Sanders and Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

On Sunday, January 31, EA SPORTS and the NFL will host a special presentation of the Pro Bowl. During the event, Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson and Arizona Cardinals’ Kyler Murray will lead two teams of fellow NFL stars and celebrities going head-to-head in Madden NFL 21 with the official AFC and NFC all-star rosters.

  • Pro Bowl: The Madden NFL 21 Edition Presented by Verizon will feature a quarter-by-quarter AFC vs NFC showdown with player and celebrity reactions as they compete in Madden NFL 21  from their homes.
  • The event will air on NFL Network, NFL social channels and EA Madden NFL Twitch on Jan 31 at 5pm EST.
  • Today, Fans can play out their own Pro Bowl in Madden NFL 21 for HD/consoles with the official Pro Bowl rosters in offline head-to-head.
  • The official Pro Bowl rosters include Video Game Numbers Challenge winners Miles Sanders and Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who earned their spots from gamers around the world scoring 9,000+ touchdowns in Madden NFL 21.

For those of you looking forward to Madden NFL 21 Franchise Mode update #3 of 3, the team shared some of the details earlier this month, which is targeted to release in March.

Trade Logic Improvements

We are focused on delivering improvements to player and draft pick evaluations to create more rewarding and authentic trades for Madden 21 that we will continue to build and improve upon in the future.

DEV NOTE: To move forward on improved trade logic, it was important to acknowledge there wasn’t a magic quick fix. As a team, we’ve reevaluated everything about our previous trade logic with the goal of improving realism and fun of interacting with the trade system using a few key goals: Establishing new baseline scales around player and draft pick values by reconsidering every factor and modifier that is currently used in trades, resolving top community exploits around AI trades (like elite offensive linemen for late round picks), and looking for opportunities to improve or add new AI considerations when evaluating offers from teams. We’re excited to discuss more about how we are bringing all of those things to Madden 21 in the next Deep Dive!

Franchise League History

We are adding a new tile where you can see the Super Bowl and key award winners from each year of your franchise. This will include how many times a team has won the Super Bowl in the franchise, along with MVP, Coach of the Year, Offensive/Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive/Defensive Rookie of the Year, and Super Bowl MVP.

DEV NOTE: For Madden 21, this will track every season in your franchise from the season this is added and forward. Any history prior to the addition of this new feature will not be accessible as we previously did not save off Super Bowl scores among other things upon the start of a new league year. Any new league will have every season played tracked, however.


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  1. Not sure if it was this patch or last that fixed it but the music in the intros and next gen replays are much better, more of a tv broadcasts sound and not over the top.
    The article says they're targeting March.

    When I just turned it on it said something about checking out the latest updates, and included league history. Unless I read it wrong. Could be a preview or something.
    Not sure if it was this patch or last that fixed it but the music in the intros and next gen replays are much better, more of a tv broadcasts sound and not over the top.

    Can you clarify? I don;t think I am seeing anything different. Are you talking about a change in music or something? I keep hoping they'll improve the replay system cause I am sick of seeing 7-8 camera cuts in every next gen replay. Totally unnecessary and looks stupid. Just show the receiver run his pattern from one broadcast camera or show the QB "distance" in one broadcast camera.

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