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Madden NFL 20 Patch 1.28 Available - Patch Notes Here


Madden NFL 20

Madden NFL 20 Patch 1.28 Available - Patch Notes Here

Madden NFL 20 game update 1.28 is available for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, featuring general stability improvements in franchise mode and the following gameplay updates.

  • Fixed an issue in the I-Form Tight formations that allowed the offense to disrupt defensive alignment by sending a receiver in motion and then flipping the play, leading to an exploit.
  • Fixed an issue causing a miscalculation of nearby defenders with the Matchup Nightmare, Backfield Mismatch and Backfield Master abilities.
    • DEV NOTE: The issue we fixed specifically prevented double coverage from always being calculated correctly, which unbalanced these abilities. Previously, we updated the MUT Salary Cap cost of these abilities to 999 until we could get the fix out, and now that it is fixed, the Cap cost for each will return to their original values. BIG thank you to the Madden community for pointing this out. The feedback we received on these abilities allowed us to quickly investigate and respond.

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  1. some more small fixes we may not even notice lol. why cant they add things that we really notice,
    may seem small and pointless but like adding the team name in the career stats page, or on game log just do it by order of each week, like oldest game at the top and then go down.. kinda like a schedule, does,
    wish we had the option of before a game being able to change both teams playbooks, to custom ones, especially if we are user controlling every team, like when u create new coach and then do that for all 32 teams,
    ohhhh and give us a option to freaking save the game at any point and come back to it... cause half the time when i turn off the system and come back to continue, it dont load the game up where it left off.. it does some error thing.. and yes i know this post could be in the suggested area, it was just a rant lol
    I think I can go on record as this might be the latest title update in history from the Madden team.

    seems like there was one in April for madden 18. may be wrong. but this is a late patch. wish they’d quit after christmas. seems like the game’s good until christmas, and these last few patches away mess stuff up.
    I feel for those that don’t have a disk version to play without these updates.
    It just seems like the offline/CFM community has to constantly go back through hours/days/weeks of testing/lab to try and fix those unintended gameplay changes to their CFM’s caused by these updates/tuning/tweaks that aren’t really geared towards the CFM experience.
    Hopefully nothing too crazy gameplay wise has been unintentionally caused by such a small update.
    I think I can go on record as this might be the latest title update in history from the Madden team.

    Yeah this is nuts. Small fix, but way more than anyone could expect nearly 2 months after the Super Bowl.
    totally agree with Benton32 who said we need the team for the career stats, also, how about the teams current record on the weekly schedule screen, it use to be there.
    Why not a pure coach mode yet?* Why do we still have to control one player?

    Be thankful you still have THAT. The devs refer to controlling a coach in CFM as "coach mode"...they probably don't even pay attention to what you're referring to (it's very a niche concept).
    What bug is that ????

    I assume that refers to the fact that downloading anything from MaddenShare is a flip of a coin. Sometimes it works, and sometimes you get constant error messages. MaddenShare has been a problem for the last couple of years, but it seems worse this year.
    It can't happen for the online competitive modes for various reasons, but I hope during the next gen they can find a way to allow people in Franchise mode to choose the update they want to use.
    Some people always think that the Beta gameplay is the best, others think it's out of the box, others say update 3, 5... For me, except for when something like RB moves get broken, every update improves the game in many small ways at the very least and of course sometimes in large ways.
    I consider the current User vs CPU play to be great right now, Large legacy issues don't get fixed during the year, but they have made a lot of small gameplay improvements during this cycle. If someone doesn't like the core Madden gameplay or feature set, then none of that stuff matters of course, but if you do, then you should notice these changes.
    Those who feel that the current version isn't good should have the opportunity to play one of those earlier builds though, so that everyone can have a enjoyable experience.
    Why not a pure coach mode yet?* Why do we still have to control one player?

    Amen!!It is absurd considering there was NFL Head Coach in 2009 and NCAA football had a good one in 2014 smh I will never understand it
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