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Madden NFL 20 Bowl Quarterfinals Start Now, Semifinals and Finals Are Tomorrow

Madden NFL 20

Madden NFL 20 Bowl Quarterfinals Start Now, Semifinals and Finals Are Tomorrow

Madden NFL and ESPN have been committed to delivering competitive action and entertainment to sports fans at home over the last couple of months, and will wrap up an exciting season of play and programming this weekend as the Madden NFL 20 Bowl airs live across various platforms.

Eight of the best Madden NFL players in the world, including the #1 ranking in MCS points and youngest player in competitive Madden history to win an EA Major, will battle head to head to advance to the Madden NFL 20 Bowl Finals on Saturday, May 16 – where only one player will rise to win the coveted Madden Championship Series belt and a stake in the $220,000 prize pool. Competition will feature commentary from Madden NFL legends and casters Michael “Skimbo” Skimbo and Ryan “RG” Glick, providing real-time analysis and color on each of the concluding rounds.

Friday, May 15 from 5PM-9PM ET

  • Quarterfinals: LIVE EA SPORTS Twitch,YouTube and the ESPN App

Saturday, May 16 from 5PM-9PM ET 

The final stages of the season-closing EA Major will be filled with some of the biggest names in competitive Madden, including “Noah,” “DCroft,” “Young Kiv” and “Joke” –the competition will be tougher than ever before:

  • Noah “Noah” Johnson, 17, the youngest player in MCS History to win a Belt from Maryland (player profile
    • The young Madden star started his MCS career off with a bang after winning the Madden 20 Challenge in his first EA Major Appearance. Becoming the Youngest Player in MCS History to win a Championship Belt and not shying away from intimidating opponents – Noah will be an exciting player to watch at this year’s Madden Bowl.
  • Daniel “ DCroft” Mycroft, 19, the sneaky player rising to the top from Mukilteo, WA (player profile)
    • DCroft is the reigning Seattle Seahawks Club Champion, who has been slowly climbing up toward the top in the early stages of the Madden Bowl. DCroft went 6-0 during the Last Chance Qualifier, so he will undoubtably bring the heat for the Madden Bowl finals.
  • Raido “Joke” Brito, 26, finished the year ranked #1 on the MCS Points Leadboard, from West New York, NJ (player profile
    • Determined to fight through to the Madden Bowl finals, Joke is one of three players this year to make every EA Major event. Seeing he’s the 3-time defending Cleveland Browns Club Champion and this will be his 11th EA Major Appearance of his career – Joke will be hungry for the final MCS belt.
  • Shay “ Young Kiv” Kivlen, 22, has all the creds from Edmonds, WA (player profile)
    • Young Kiv has been one of the most dominant players on the MCS circuit for 4 years straight. He is the all-time record holder for Most EA Major Appearances (with 13) – including his biggest career win at the Madden 18 Bowl. He will definitely be a player to watch moving into the final rounds of this year’s Bowl.

The Madden Bowl is the crowning event of the Madden Championship Series. 16 competitors have faced a long journey dating back as early as August to earn a coveted spot in the Madden Bowl. The competitors will seeded in groups with 12 advancing to the playoffs. Only one will emerge as Madden NFL 20 Champion.

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