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Madden NFL 19 Video - New Ball Carrier Mechanics

Madden NFL 19

Madden NFL 19 Video - New Ball Carrier Mechanics

Check out the latest Madden NFL 19 video from 4wardProgressMadden, as he goes over the new ball carrier mechanics in the game this year with Real Player Motion (RPM).

One-Cut, Hit the Hole, Push the Pile and more are highlighted in the video. The new locomotion will be applied to all 22 players on the field.


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  1. Mmm. Seems like these changes could make the gameplay better but goodness does it look strange and unnatural. Running animations in a football game must be one of the hardest things to get to look lifelike because Madden hasn’t ever been able to do it
    I actually thought the sprinting animation looked good in the open field.
    I don't like the "one cut" animation. I don't understand why the player is going into a high-knee animation. A "one cut" runner from a zone blocking scheme standpoint is going to plant that foot and accelerate out of the cut.
    I would like to see more footage with 11 on 11 from a gameplay perspective. Perhaps it looks better in motion. I would also forgive an ugly animation if it functioned realistically in a football sense.
    Love hearing that they want to get away from dice rolls in open field tackle interactions. I'll take it with a grain of salt, of course; But I'll always respect a product that is trying to seperate skill levels across the user base within the game's mechanic.
    This is something I appreciate them diving into, especially for all 22 players and as odd as it looks to me (I think it looks better with slower game speed), but I am sure it is something you will need to play and "feel" for ourselves to truly appreciate it. That being said it will be a nice addition to see, feel, or be able to tell the difference between running backs and fullbacks in how they run finally.
    Can’t be mad at that and definitely won’t criticize anything because it definitely says “gameplay is not final.” Good job so far!
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    very impressive, puts the trailer to shame.
    improved player movement will effect every aspect of gameplay so if they got this part right, the game takes a huge step forward. feeling hopeful for this game
    Americas Team
    The foot-work doesn't seem as detailed as Fifa, I am hoping foot-work has been reworked for linebackers and DBs too.
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    It was confirmed that RPM will be used for all 22 players on the field. So we should see better foot work for all positions.
    that first ajayi clip looked great I thought. looked fluid and I loved the head tracking of him looking at the linebacker. Not sure if it's in 18 but I never noticed it before. I think head tracking is another subtle thing that really adds to immersion. PES does this really well. It would be nice to see linebackers and defenders look up at the ball even if it isn't in their vicinity. It makes a huge difference.
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