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Madden NFL 19: Ultimate Super Bowl Edition Available Now - Details Here

Madden NFL 19

Madden NFL 19: Ultimate Super Bowl Edition Available Now - Details Here

Madden NFL 19: Ultimate Super Bowl Edition is available now for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Regularly priced at $79.99, Xbox One users can purchase it for $26.40. PlayStation Plus subscribers can purchase it for $23.99.

Load up your Madden Ultimate Team roster with one of five Super Bowl Elite Players Items*: Dick Butkus, Walter Payton, Darrell Green, Keyshawn Johnson, or Jevon Kearse, plus an additional Elite Active Super Bowl Player* & 5 Gold Team Fantasy Packs** with the Ultimate Super Bowl Edition**.

Madden NFL 19 gives you game-changing control on and off the field. Real Player Motion transforms the way you play Madden delivering you gameplay control with precision and intent. Create and share custom Draft Classes, design your game strategy, progress your players and execute your game plan with all new positional archetypes in Franchise. In Madden NFL 19 Ultimate Team, train your favorite players to fit your roster and lead your team to glory in all new ways to compete.

* Ultimate Super Bowl Edition bonus player items are non-transferable

** Each contains your choice of 1 of 32 Gold Team Packs that contain at least 1 Gold Player Item


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  1. Who gives a crap about this! Are you not going to fix the regular game?
    If it's all about making money with you guys, I'm not spending mine going forward til I see some real effort to implememt some of what Duece layed out which is clearly well beyond what you guys have come up with. I won't buy another game til I see it!
    Screw MUT!
    keep the comments coming lol its amazing how mut has totally taken there focus on something that absolutely has no value in the real word nobody gonna save your azz if you offer them a gold card lol from madden. when are they going to offer real susbstance stuff like special uniforms or stadiums  something you could actually enjoy and use beyond mut . the ads alone for legends with no cbyerface that they keep shoving down my throat every time i boot the game is getting to be like spam in my game next thing you know the scroll across the bottom all the new legends you can get in mut that have no actual likeness to themself other than a lazy portrait of them .

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