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Madden NFL 19: Graphics and Presentation

Madden NFL 19

Madden NFL 19: Graphics and Presentation

As a hardcore sim fan and a franchise-first guy, I always have lofty expectations when it comes to a game mimicking what I see and hear on game day. With Frostbite and 4K gaming becoming the norm with Madden, two areas I expect improvement are graphics and presentation. The last few iterations of the game have been better, but has Madden 19 risen to the challenge to bring us the true game-day feel? Let’s take look at what the Madden team has given us this year.


I think it’s pretty fair to say that, graphically, Madden 19 looks pretty dang good. Madden 18 also looked good, but this year the team made some improvements in areas, and it really shows when you play the game. Lighting, shadows and various other small improvements shine through to give you a clean looking Madden 19. Uniform and equipment details are quickly visible when you see a good shot of a player, right down to greater detail on the padding under the player jersey(s) that stand out.

More equipment and features were added, and these look highly detailed on the field. Player faces look a bit better than Madden 18; the caveat here is, unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be as many player scans in the game as I’d like to see. When using my Denver Broncos and looking at the roster and player cards, the player I see on screen looks good and is detailed, but some players don’t have their actual face scan in-game. This is disappointing. I know it’s probably time consuming to get all player faces scanned for the game, or some players may not want to do a scan, but all player likenesses should pretty much be in the game by now. Madden always releases with a base roster that is accurate as of a certain date, so I think all player scans for that base roster should be in the game as it lends to the authenticity of the product.

Stadiums and the atmosphere around it look more or less the same as Madden 18 — but are just more polished. Coaches on the sideline during games look pretty close to their real-life counterparts as well. All in all, the graphics in Madden 19 look very clean and are a little more detailed than last year’s game. I was pleased with what I saw on the field.


Presentation is the area I always expect top-notch quality every year. The one knock Madden consistently gets from longtime fans, including me, is that their pre, halftime and postgame shows are not up to par at this point. EA took Madden 19 and set the groundwork for potential full-on presentation packages either next year or in the next few years. We’ve now got Jonathan Coachman doing the pregame and halftime show. If you’re unsure as to who “The Coach” is, he previously worked for ESPN on Sportscenter and also worked and has returned to the WWE. Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis handle the commentary and color commentary respectively. I’ve found them to be a good team, and with the addition of callback commentary stories this year EA has really improved the plausibility of gameplay commentary. There are still some hiccups with the system; in one instance, I had a touchdown thrown against me that went to booth review. The touchdown call stood and the team kicked the extra point. Brandon Gaudin announced after the booth review that the touchdown was wiped and third down would have to be replayed. I’m not sure if that was a problem with the game itself, or the commentary chosen by the game. Another glaring issue that came to light within the commentary was the fact that the Los Angeles Chargers were being named as still being in San Diego, as seen in Twitter user @COOK17‘s tweet below:

EA has since released a statement saying that this would be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Madden 19 went a bit further this year and added new stadium exteriors and points of interest to NFL stadiums to increase the TV authenticity. It’s pretty cool to see the giant metallic falcon outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, mind you I’ve only seen this once since playing. During pregame and throughout the game, you’ll see some cool 3-D broadcast graphics that definitely help the overall presentation package.

Where I find the presentation really came to the forefront is in franchise mode, where it seems a lot more effort was put into ensuring that the immersion of your franchise and the goings-on of the rest of the league were always kept up to date. As mentioned before, Jonathan Coachman handles the pregame introduction, hyping you up for the upcoming game, but will also speak about the game briefly in terms of your season and the matchup. At halftime, you’ll get updated on other games that are in progress, completed or upcoming for that week. This is done with a nifty little 3-D map overlay, and you’ll also see a League Schedule screen with breakdown as well. This is a long awaited and welcomed addition that Madden has needed for some time now.

All in all, I think that despite the obvious issues we’ve seen since launch that Madden 19‘s presentation and graphics have definitely taken a very positive step forward this year; it looks like the developers have started to listen to the community, and they’re trying to make Madden a total package. With the improvements also made to gameplay, it’s fair to say we just might finally be on our way.

What do you think of this year’s graphics and presentation package? Leave a comment and let us know!


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  1. I'd like to see some big improvements to crowd audio and responses. They just kinda jump around randomly and there's not a true BOOM crowd noise when a big play happens. The crowd should also get louder on key plays like third downs or if the away team goes for it on 4th down.
    I'd also like to see improvements to how the players and coaches react after games. If it was a big win to secure a playoff birth, they should act more excited and show emotion. Same goes for heartbreaking losses. More emotion in general would be a good thing.
    Some gamebreak updates from the studio for scores around the league would be cool, ala NCAA Football 14. The ticker is really cool, but building on it would be neat.
    More stat overlays while showing the player would be cool. There are some, but not enough.
    I'd like to see the chain gang return when there is a measurement. That's a big part of the actual game of football. Did the defense get a stop on 4th down? Let's see some drama with the chains.
    Show the refs running down the sideline during a sideline catch - show the refs talking to each other and then say catch or no catch. That would be pretty neat. Adds to suspense, drama and emotion.
    I also like the added commentary from "The Coach", but would would eventually like to see them bring back the animations of the broadcast team to give it a more authentic feel.
    Whenever I hear somebody say this is a "foundation for EA to build on", i cringe, because usually they abandon these foundations and just eventually scrap it and replace it with something else. I hope i'm wrong this time.
    I would love to see multiple announce teams. Would change up the game especially in franchise. It would also be nice to have some different PA announcers in the background besides the same one from Xbox/PS2 days. For example, the Titans PA guy always when we are on defense goes "3rddddd Dooooowwwwwwwn at the 32 yarrrrrrrrdddddd linnnnnnnneeeee!!!!! "
    I think EA did an excellent job on the commentary/play by play.
    from what Ive seen, when I choose to watch,Half time gives us just enough.
    the crowd noise is decent also, but could use a little more pop and reaction to big plays.
    the biggest annoyance is the sidelines. very lifeless.
    I also feel that we have reached the point where Id like to see players coming in and out of games, when switching up packages, subbing etc. this would have a huge impact on game management, and more true to life sim stats.
    I have noticed that in MUT, in any of the solo challenges that I have done as the visiting team, it will always show the opposing team's coach reacting to YOUR team's plays (i.e. if you score a touchdown the opposing coach is applauding it!). It's obvious they meant to cut away to YOUR coach and not their own. It's pretty jarring and I remember them having this fixed in a patch at some point in Madden 18. Looks like this presentation bug is back.
    I guess this ties into presentation but I've been harping on Madden's poor collision detection & contextual awareness for the past few years now.* I just wish they would clean up the player clipping & fusing.* *
    Players sometimes walk right through other players bodies instead and contextually walking around them when breaking the huddle.* Players also still walk through other players lying on the field after gang tackles.* *Players will occasionally roll right through the legs of a lineman who is engaged in a two man blocking animation.* Players & the ball still ghost through the endzone walls, etc...* These are huge eyesores and immersion killers.
    The physics & collision detection are great during a play but it's very inconsistent before & after.* Hopefully they can clean it up in a patch.
    Also the generic sidelines are getting old & it makes the game look dated. No names on jerseys, all players wearing the same facemask, players moving in unison,etc... This may well be a hardware issue but I really wish EA would figure out a way to have the players on the sidelines resemble their on field counterpart. What ever happened to Living Worlds?
    The in-game immersion is boring. Where are the stats overlays: player-vs-player comparisons, team comparisons, individual comaprisons..etc? There is no life in-between the lines. EA needs too do better in a big way. They are way behind NBA2K and MLB the Show in presentation and immersion.  Hopefully they will forget Longshoot and concentrate on in-game immersion and overall presentation. GEESH!!! Look at the replay system. A game 13 years old and counting still surpass then in that area...really EA?
    I'm with Robotech. There is a lack of immersion in Madden and this needs to be addressed and improved upon going forward.
    I would like to see a half time show with highlights in-game and from around the NFL. I don't think it would be that difficult to implement into Madden.
    I still think NFL 2K5 had the best half time show of any sports game to date. The ESPN license looked great in that game and 2K did a very good job with this part of the game.
    I am a man who believes in the finer points. The little things that make the big things shine. It's those small details that Madden overlooks that annoy me still.  Throwing incomplete passes towards the side lines still clip through the walls and off into oblivion. Field goals and extra points kind of bounce off the net. Out of bound tackles will make the chain guys move but what does it matter, contact will clip right through them anyway. I do appreciate that tipped passes are generally recovered at a proper rate, interceptions are the norm when in position to do so. I have seen more missed blocks and defensive speed ups on the cpu side of the ball then I would like to see but the game is still young. I am certainly enjoying playing madden on the PC.
    Im very happy 19 is on pc.
    this game has a horrible green tint throughout its game menus and in game.
    Thankfully resahde can fix it, but thats extra work
    EASports needs a director with a better eye for this
    Year after year I wonder when is the time that season stats for players and teams will be available during a game.
    I still maddens me that something that seems quite simple is overlooked year after year. I also agree there's a complete lack of stats presentation that helps with the immersion.
    Things like last series passing stats. How an RB is doing on the game and/or the season. Those should be much more frequent.
    I also think this edition of Madden is very good. However, that being said, there are a few things I find lacking in the graphics and presentation of the game. Here we are in 2018 and there are still no flags on the goalposts indicating wind direction. A minor thing granted, but if I remember correctly the NCAA football games had them. Also the production team should look at MLB the show and 2k basketball to see how a real crowd is rendered. I find the crowds in Madden to be robotic and quite underwhelming.  Thirdly, how can a game of this caliber totally ignore the sideline details i.e. no player numbers on many cutscenes and the same generic face rendering . Herein lies the trouble...... no competition! Without another company producing an NFL game EA can continue to keep the bar at current height or lower its’ game without any  consequences. We are at their mercy . Thankfully it as good as it is ..... but could be SO much better.
    Im very happy 19 is on pc.
    this game has a horrible green tint throughout its game menus and in game.
    Thankfully resahde can fix it, but thats extra work
    EASports needs a director with a better eye for this

    Here's the thing though, you act as if it's a mistake, I'm sure EA views it as an artistic direction, not a mistake.
    Same for the blue'ish tint when it rains. It's an artistic decision to make it that way. Or when it's super sunny and a yellow tint is everywhere.
    Now I am not saying I agree with it at all, I am like you somewhat and find it a bit annoying as well, but I don't believe that this is some sort of bug or whatever as I think you may believe, at least if I read your post correctly.
    I want real life presentation packages.
    One of the NCAA basketball games had two real life presentation packages - and it was awesome.
    The fake EA made stuff does nothing for me. I don’t care which broadcaster but they need to mix some real life presentation packages in.
    The commentary team im less fussed about.
    Romo would be cool - same as I want Neville in FIFA but I know both are unlikely!
    I want real life presentation packages.
    One of the NCAA basketball games had two real life presentation packages - and it was awesome.
    The fake EA made stuff does nothing for me. I don’t care which broadcaster but they need to mix some real life presentation packages in.
    The commentary team im less fussed about.
    Romo would be cool - same as I want Neville in FIFA but I know both are unlikely!

    Give me real life presentation any day! I'll take Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. Maybe for nostalgia mix up some old Madden and Summerall for the thanksgiving day games, complete with the six-legged turkey.

A father, dedicated sports fan and gamer. FIFA, Madden, NHL, NBA 2K are what I play majority of the time. Manchester United runs in my blood. Chicago Bulls and Denver Broncos drape the walls of my man cave. Play hard, or don't play at all.

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