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Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Video - Cowboys vs. Eagles

Madden NFL 19

Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Video - Cowboys vs. Eagles

QJB has posted a new Madden NFL 19 gameplay video, featuring the Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles. This video was captured on Pro difficulty with Arcade game style settings.

Make sure to check it out and post your thoughts.


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  1. I like the running animations, and tackling does seem improved. Overall nothing in that video got me super pumped for 19. I will say this, the last week I bought Pro Evolution Soccer and downloaded FIFA 18. I haven’t played video game soccer since the Sega Genesis days, just not a fan of the sport really. But I unfortunately now realize just how far behind presentation wise Madden is in contrast. In the other 2 games player emotion is immediate, you tackle somebody they either stay on the ground injured for a bit or immediately complain to an official, in real time. These Madden team celebrations are already looking to be painful, screen fade and then an obvious emotionless mocap session kicks in. FIFA players immediately react to goals and display real emotion, running off the field and celebrating together, the crowds cheer and chant, and run to the bottom row of seats when the players on the field run close to the edge of the stadium after scoring a goal, it’s such a stark difference to Madden to say the least. Another year in Madden seems to have assistant coaches in t-shirts during a night snow game in Philly. Immersion is just still really so bad in Madden. After one of the Zeke TD's he is in the endzone having just scored, and they cut to the sidelines and he’s somehow instantly warped behind Jason Garrett with a 1000 yard stare on his face. I probably wouldn’t have noticed these things if I hadn’t recently been exposed to those 2 soccer games, but it made this video a little less exciting when compared.
    7:27 mark the left End and Left DT appear to be suctioned back into the right tackle and right guard. But definitely seeing less of this suction overall, which is good.
    7:38 mark, the lolb (if I recall correctly) runs into the back of the LE, I believe, and sheds off the back very nicely..Looked much better from M18.
    So snow still has absolutely no effect in footing? It’s just there? I’m sure in cold weather cities everyone will be dressed like it’s summertime in Week 15, and the fields will look brand new. I wish instead of being a temperature trigger (I don’t remember the exact number, maybe under 50 degrees it triggers hand warmers, etc). They should make it a month trigger. So starting in say Mid-Oct, Or November on, cold weather equipment would be triggered.
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    My favorite part of this video was around 5:30 CPU Carson wentz sensed the pressure and scrambled to the left for a few yards. Looked like a definite CPU qb ai improvement
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    uniforms don't get dirty this year I guess. plus snow doesn't fall on the numbers or lines only in Madden, not like real life snow games. Seeing this makes it obvious this is a game.  So unrealistic.  Not impressed.
    “The madden team spent dozens of hours watching TD celebrations.” That pretty much summed it up for me.
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    And if they didn't have new TD celebrations in the game people would be bitching that the game isn't realistic enough.
    And if they didn't have new TD celebrations in the game people would be bitching that the game isn't realistic enough.

    Probably right. I’m guessing the words a dozen hours watching celebrations doesn’t sound too productive. Maybe if it said a few hours it wouldn’t sound as bad.
    I always enjoy QBJ’s videos “ the user the user” but overall, I like what I’m seeing from the gameplay aspect I thought in one scen it looked like Zeke armband was wet. Not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me but it was either sweat or water from the snow .

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