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Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Video - 4K on PC

Madden NFL 19

Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Video - 4K on PC

GoodGameBro has posted a new Madden NFL 19 gameplay video in 4K on the PC, featuring the Madden Elites vs. Madden Legends. Make sure to check it out and post your thoughts.


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  1. Some first thoughts:
    -New hitstick animations look fresh and nice.
    -New tackling looks smooth.
    -Catches look less animation reliant.
    -Some of the running looks strange especially when the guys cut, and then go high knees.
    -CPU AI looks to be making decent decisions.
    -Shoulder pads are really bulky. Looks weird.
    -Saw some nice blitz pickups.
    -That loud running noise when players are sprinting is a little excessive for me.
    Edit: Also, that unnecessary roughness call at the end when Bouye is trying to defend a sideline end zone catch is bogus. Hope that gets fixed.
    So, far, I liked Young going to his right and trying a normal pass vs doing a 360 degree off the back foot throw back to his left.
    Also, bended knee is in full force. Agree, it should be removed soon.
    Liked a good bit of what I saw. Just some first impressions....
    -Yeah that running sound is a little loud, could be turned down a bit for sure.
    -Gaudin and Davis sound really good together. It sounds natural enough to me and I love the little nuggets of info. I believe Gaudin said something like "He was perfect passing on his last drive and now, three for three to start this one". Nice stuff.
    -Hit sticks and the tackles look crispy.
    -Animations in general look good and less tethered I believe is the word I'm looking for.
    -And a final minor nitpick. I saw the same TD dance twice (maybe they didn't have them all in at the EA Play build since it was old) and I wish they would have updated the scorebug or use the ESPN licence they have (if they still have it)
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    That overthrow at :40 mark throwing to an area on the field with no tethering to a route or player, nice!!!
    I would love to see this game on an All-22 Sideline View with the commentary.
    PC version gameplay speed much faster than console.
    - assume game speed was increased as most GC’s noted slower speed in general of M19
    Wondering what the min PC Specs will be needed for everything to run smoothly, esp since those going this route will mostly be for modding the game.

    • Somewhat disappointed with how this looks in 4k. Thought I would see some textures cleaned up.
    • Steve Young had some horrible looking footwork/wonky mechanics well transitioning from passing to running with the ball.
    • I really liked the old QB intro's with real footage.
    • Like everyone else states, gang tackling looks better.
    • I like the user celebrations but that can get old quick.
    • RB features appear to be worthwhile additions.
    • I realize this was just one video for PC game play and I'll wait for more but kinda bummed with the presentation.
    • Overall, I was expecting more with the second year of the Frostbite engine. Madden 18 got stale for me pretty quick, and I was hoping a comeback to the PC would help me anticipate M19 more, but I'll have to temper my expectations, again....
    Still see some things that should have been cleaned up years later...
    - tackles from behind where the guy does nothing more than touch him and the player goes down. Would like to see more animations.
    - at the 8:50 mark, Young makes throws a TD pass - lefty QB running right, I just don't see any way possible the real physics would ever let that pass be as crisp as it is. He doesn't throw it across his body like he would in real life.
    There is some nice stuff here, but years later it doesn't look like many advancements have been made like one would think. The game was better on the original consoles in many ways.
    ok Im excited for the PC version.
    The gameplay looks more fluid and  bit faster than the console versions.  
    some of the way the players cut is a bit strange. 
    I liked alot of the tackle animations.  
    game looks nice,
    Was hoping the graphics would be better to take advantage of my 1080ti, but pc sports games usually don't look much better than the consoles at all. And for some reason, the animations look very stiff and robotic compared to the console's Texans vs Seahawks game.
    2:46 mark, I like how the RG turns to face the rusher being blocked by the RT and moves in to double team. Looks much better than sidestepping around in a crouched position for the remainder of the play.
    I definitely think the game looks to be playing much more crisp than normal. I've never been one to complain about player models but they definitely look a bit bulkier than their Sunday counterparts. I'm sure with the roster editor - and quite possibly PC modding - edits will be able to be made to them. I'm excited!
    Maybe I am having issues on playback for some reason but this doesn't look like 60fps to me. Is anyone else seeing what looks like 30fps? YouTube says 1080_60fps and 2160_60fps but it just doesn't seem that smooth to me.
    So far the game looks and plays much better from what I can see, and still lots of room for improvement.
    Positives I notice:  O linemen follows d linemen even after being beat,  Saw nice blocking down field,  like how halfback helps with blocking on some plays.
    Like how receivers go up to make catches at high point of ball.  Love how the players naturally get up after play, and tackling has been improve.  I also so like the sound of
    the game,. Sounds much more realistic. 
    Negatives: Running animation confuses me.  On kickoffs it looks weird.  But then look pretty good with certain players have the ball.  Maybe its the angle at times.
    O linemen should make small contact with D linemen on screen pass.  Tackles are good, but could use a little tuning.  Didn't like how a D linemen spent off a block and made contact with the runners shoulder, and made a tackle being sideways.  Sidelines still look stale without the same player type models on the field, and should have correct numbers on them.   Overall so far, I think the game is good!
    Maybe I am having issues on playback for some reason but this doesn't look like 60fps to me. Is anyone else seeing what looks like 30fps? YouTube says 1080_60fps and 2160_60fps but it just doesn't seem that smooth to me.

    I was going to say the same thing. Are the FPS capped at 30?
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    Qb sack
    This issue is still in the game after we complain so much last year?
    Curls and verticals if WR is not open qb take the sack every time after eating 5 sec
    Hint: throw the ball away or go to the 1on1 coverage.
    Watching some of these videos, the game definitely looks visually better, but it still hasn't evolved. There are animations that look like their ripped right out of Madden 2005 on the the ps2/Xbox. It's somewhat sad. I enjoy Madden and usually end up buying the game every other year. I have Madden 18 and played it a ton with my brothers, but watching some of the videos for 19, i'm still dazed the series hasn't truly taken big leaps forward.
    It seems like Sport games in general don't take huge leaps forward. I know their on a crouch with having to release a new game every year, but even comparing Madden 16 to Madden 18 or 19, there isn't a huge in your face change beyond the lighting and some player models.
    Competition breeds excellency, the NBA 2k series has been the sole big name Basketball game and they've become stagnant as well, I won't even mention the WWE Wrestling games that look like they regress every year. I don't play baseball games to be able to be able to determine if The Show is in the same runt, but this is somewhat sad for EA and Madden. I want to be blown away by animations, weather, atmosphere and graphics. When there are games like Cyberpunk 2077 (Open World), Ghost of Tsushima (Open World), Spider-man(Open World), Halo Infinity (Supposedly Open World), Forza Horizon 4 (Open World) that are able to do so much, its seems ridiculous why these sport games can't advance more.
    I still remember the initial render video EA released for Madden 2006 for the Xbox 360, none, and i mean no Madden yet has even come close to providing that type of atmosphere seen in that video from a console generation ago!
    I apologize for going off topic, but I want more from Madden. I'm tired of spending $60 on incremental updates. Are we going to have to wait for the next generation of consoles for them to completely forgo their animation and physics engine? Frostbite has certainly helped the game stand out visually, but again, i'm still seeing animations I've seen from generations ago that look pretty bad.

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