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Madden 20 MUT: Zero Chill Promo Guide

madden 20 zero chill

Madden NFL 20

Madden 20 MUT: Zero Chill Promo Guide

The Madden 20 MUT Zero Chill promo is not too hard to understand. It introduces a new currency (Kindling) and works in similar fashion to other promos with master cards, sets, house rules, solos, etc.

The one unique aspect of this promo each year is the “gifts” concept, with the change this year being all gifts will open on Christmas Day, rather than throughout the promo as happened in the past.

We’ll cover all of that, plus the players known so far — we will continue to get new players throughout this promo that runs through Christmas — and anything else you need to know. We’ll also review some of the bigger cards from this promo in the near future, and we’ll add a link to this guide when that is done.

Gingerbread Masters

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  • Adrian Peterson (91)
  • Ted Hendricks (93)
  • Amari Cooper (92)

Gingerbread will serve as one portion of collectibles you accrue through various challenges etc. They can be used to pick up the above players in sets if you want to use your collectibles on them.

Master Cards

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Zero Chill Key Cards

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Set 1

  • Bruce Smith (95) – Master of set 1
    • Darius Leonard (92)
    • Derwin James (93)
    • Christian McCaffrey (94)

Set 2

  • Walter Payton (95) – Master of set 2
    • Jason Kelce (94)
    • Marcus Peters (93)
    • Cameron Heyward (92)

Set 3

  • Rob Gronkowski (95) – Master
    • Cam Jordan (94)
    • DeSean Jackson (93)
    • Arik Armstead (92)

Every Zero Chill Card

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Ghosts Of Madden Future

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  • Terry McLaurin (94 overall) — the Master of this set
    • Devin Bush (93)
    • Chris Lindstrom (93)
    • Brian Burns (93)
  • Nick Bosa (94) – Master
    • DeAndre Baker (93)
    • Josh Jacobs (93)
    • Elgton Jenkins (93)
  • Daniel Jones (95) – Limited

Ghosts Of Madden Present

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  • J.J. Watt (95) – Master of this set
    • Todd Gurley (94)
    • Leighton Vander Esch (94)
  • Khalil Mack (95) – Limited card
  • Patrick Mahomes (94)
  • Julio Jones (95) – Master
    • Jaire Alexander (94)
    • Terron Armstead (94)
    • Harrison Smith (94)

Ghosts Of Madden Past


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  • Michael Vick (96) – Master of this set
    • Bo Jackson (95)
    • Michael Strahan (95)
    • Mel Blount (95)
  • Nick Bosa (94) – Master
    • DeAndre Baker (93)
    • Josh Jacobs (93)
    • Elgton Jenkins (93)

Out Of Position Players

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Master of set 1 is Calvin Johnson.

  • Calvin Johnson (94) – FS – Master of set 1
  • Mike Evans (93) – CB – Need for Megatron set
  • Patrick Ricard (93) – DT – Need for Megatron set

The other cards below you do not need for Master 1:

  • Kordell Stewart (95) – HB – Limited
  • Taysom Hill (91) – TE
  • Joe Webb (89) – WR
  • Josh Allen (87) – LOLB
  • Landon Collins (85) – MLB

Master of set 2 is Vita Vea.

  • Vita Vea (95) – HB – Master of set 2
  • J.J. Watt (93) – TE – Need for Vea set
  • Quenton Nelson (93) – FB – Need for Vea set

The other cards below you do not need for Master 2:

  • Jamal Adams (91) – ROLB
  • Mohamed Sanu Sr. (89) – QB
  • Mark Barron (87) – SS
  • Jimmie Ward (85) – FS


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  • The Hearth challenges are not really worth the grind.
  • The Snow Day challenges you do want to knock out because they’re worth your time.
    • More Snow Day challenges were added on 12/23.
    • More Snow Day challenges were added on 12/30.
  • The first House Rules is not very fun to me, but it is better value than Hearth challenges.
    • House Rules week 2 is better and the value remains solid.
  • MUTmas Carol was added on 12/18.
    • More was added to it on 12/20.
    • More was added to it on 12/25.
    • More was added on 1/1.
  • Out of Position Training Camp added on 12/20.
    • More Training Camp missions were added on 12/27.
  • The 12 Days of MUTmas was added on 12/25.

MUTmas Carol

Madden 20 MUT Zero Chill challenges

  • A healthy chunk of coins available here, not a terrible way to grind.

Out of Position Training Camp

Madden 20 MUT zero chill challenges

Other Sets

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I’ll touch on holiday puzzles next, but the Hearth sets are probably not worth doing either. You spend 100 Kindling and the odds you get something worth that 100 Kindling right now are not spectacular.


Madden 20 MUT zero chill gift

Gifts are also not worth the Kindling as of yet. It seems like the “large gifts” will be tied to teams — they’re color coded. With that in mind, the puzzle collectibles are worth selling right rather than putting them towards gifts in the sets section. The large gifts will almost assuredly include players, but we don’t know who those team-specific players will be, and there’s also decent odds we get even bigger gifts before Christmas, which is why selling the collectibles for now is a good way to make some money for the time being. That cost analysis will flip at some point, but on day one of these promos you’re usually better off selling the collectibles.

The presents ended up being a whole bunch of various players who had already been released in various forms.


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