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Madden 20 MUT: Signature Series Goff and Baker

mut signature series goff and baker splash

Madden NFL 20

Madden 20 MUT: Signature Series Goff and Baker

We get Limited Signature Series Goff and Baker today, and neither card looks amazing. But hey, remember when Jared Goff was a thing? What a difference a year can make. Let’s quickly scope out these cards.

Signature Series Goff And Baker

mut signature series goff

Quick Analysis: Goff is an Improvisor archetype with 79 speed so he can get Dashing Deadeye, but no dice on Escape Artist. He has 92 throw power, and good accuracy ratings all around, but he’s still a tier below all the big-name QBs. He probably beats out Warner and becomes the QB for a Rams theme team, but otherwise he will mostly be passed by at this point.

mut signature series baker

Quick Analysis: Baker can get Unfakeable, Tackle Supreme, Enforcer and Lurker as options but he will still have some issues on the field. He’s not incredibly tall to be a top user option, and his 80 zone coverage is concerning for leaving him in AI control. He has good block shedding at 78 but the tackling is only 88. It’s a roller coaster of a card in other words, so I don’t think it will be used too much.

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