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Madden 20 MUT: Gutfoxx Ranks the 30 Theme Teams

MUT Theme Team Rankings

Madden NFL 20

Madden 20 MUT: Gutfoxx Ranks the 30 Theme Teams

In terms of Twitch and YouTube content, Gutfoxx is my go-to for MUT and all MUT-related activities. He’s a bit of a mad lad and NSFW in any way, but he knows his stuff and plays a ton of MUT. As for myself, when I do play MUT, I care most about theme teams. I tend to get bored with sticking with just one sort of team, so this MUT theme team rankings video is exactly the sort of thing I love and crave.

It’s a long video, but it’s easy to skip around if you want, and Gutfoxx does a great job as usual breaking down the general selections. He makes clear any biases he might have, and so it’s a good way to get an updated tier list before NFL Combine promo starts up on Friday.

I don’t think most of the tier rankings will shock folks if they’ve been locked into MUT this year (plus, the top two teams should be obvious), but it’s a very helpful video if you have been taking a long break and want to jump back into things. I won’t spoil all the tiers, but he does have four teams in his top tier.

Gutfoxx MUT Theme Team Rankings (S Tier)
  • Raiders have insane running backs, the best tight end (Waller), and a balanced defense.
  • Ravens have a top-three QB, Waller, and a stacked offensive line.
  • 49ers the best WR duo in the game (Moss and Rice) and the best secondary around.
  • Chiefs have Mahomes — another top-three QB — and speed for days at just about every position.

Gutfoxx thinks the 49ers have the best top-end talent, but the Chiefs beat them out because they’re just a bit more balanced. After the S tier, he has four more teams in the A tier before getting into the lesser squads.

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