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Madden 20 MUT: 8 New Ultimate Legends Released Including WR Calvin Johnson

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Madden NFL 20

Madden 20 MUT: 8 New Ultimate Legends Released Including WR Calvin Johnson

It’s been an onslaught of news and content in Madden 20 MUT, and the latest release is the addition of the MUT Ultimate Legends. These eight new players can be acquired in the usual ways you have grown accustomed to in MUT, so that’s via packs, challenges and sets. Let’s run through these cards real quick.

MUT Ultimate Legends

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  • Warren Sapp (97)
  • Calvin Johnson (96)
  • Troy Polamalu (96)
  • Shannon Sharpe (96)
  • Brian Urlacher (96)
  • Howie Long (96)
  • Walter Jones (97)
  • Brian Waters (96)

The standouts will probably be the Warren Sapp and finally getting Calvin Johnson at wide receiver. The Troy Polamalu card also looks terrifying since he now has increased hit power. With Eric Dickerson finally being somewhat nerfed, maybe we see a little more boost to the passing game. This means you might need to look at some of the new CBs to deal with Calvin Johnson as well.

MUT Ultimate Legends Sets

mut ultimate legends sets

Again, nothing crazy here as per usual with the sets. If you don’t want to go for the packs, you can collect the five versions of one of these players to trade it in for the Ultimate Legends version.


mut ultimate legends challenges

Until February 19, you will also have a chance to finish the Kickoff Challenges to earn tokens for the Ultimate Legends. If you can snag 16 tokens, then you can trade those in (via the sets screen) and get a random Ultimate Legends player.

On top of that, the Ultimate Legends challenges themselves are where you can acquire the Power Up for each of these eight players.

Bottom Line

Obviously, all these cards are useful in a variety of ways, but the big key here is probably for people who have been waiting for upgraded Polamalu and a WR Calvin Johnson. Someone like Warren Sapp is a nice surprise, but he doesn’t feel as necessary as the Polamalu or Megatron.

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