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Looking at 20+ Super Nintendo Baseball Games, Courtesy SNESdrunk

Super Nintendo baseball games


Looking at 20+ Super Nintendo Baseball Games, Courtesy SNESdrunk

Oh baby, 26 games here from the Super Nintendo baseball library via SNESdrunk, and I think baseball is the sport where the Super Nintendo held up the best. The Sega Genesis won the sports war during that generation. Some of that had to do with the console itself just being better suited for fast-moving objects, but baseball was probably better on the SNES.

Again, at the time we didn’t have most games on multiple platforms, so you ended up with lots of console exclusives by default. On The SNES, that means things like Super Batter Up, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, and a whole ton of Japanese baseball games most of us probably didn’t get to play as kids. On the Genesis, that meant things like World Series Baseball.

The Japanese games actually crack me up the most here because a bunch look really fun, but so many of them maintain the art style of modern Power Pros games. Konami really seemed to set the trend for character style, and everyone else just went with it. Power Pros really has had an enduring art style that lives on to this day.

What was your SNES baseball game of choice growing up? I feel like Ken Griffey is probably the consensus, but I’m sure there are others who feel otherwise. You can also check out the SNES football games and SNES basketball games via SNESdrunk here and here.

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