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Legend Bowl Adds Coach Mode in Latest Update

legend bowl coach mode

Legend Bowl

Legend Bowl Adds Coach Mode in Latest Update

Legend Bowl has added Coach Mode in the latest update across all game modes. King Javo shows how it works in the video below and mentions the team is working hard on bringing the game to consoles and other platforms.

If you missed our Legend Bowl review last month, make sure to read it here.

It has been almost a full year since I last discussed Legend Bowl by Super Pixel Games, and while initially released under the “early access” category on Steam, the developer has been hard at work not only refining the core gameplay but implementing improvements and adding new content into the game. If you followed my early preview, then you know full well how impressed I was with the “simcade” style offering from King Javo and Super Pixel Games. The amount of detail and football acumen layered throughout and underneath the cute 8-bit pixelated little football characters was quite impressive to me. Now the title has finally had the “early access” tag removed and is a full-fledged retail release on Steam. But does a year’s worth of development work mean the game is in a better position? Let’s find out in this Legend Bowl review.

Legend Bowl is available on Steam for $19.99.


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  1. longway911
    When will this be available on consoles??? The world (me) needs to know.

    The article posted by Steve indicates that the Legend Bowl team is currently doing work towards a console release.
    The engine Legend Bowl is built upon, GameMaker by YoYoGames, recently added PS5 and XBOX Series X support, so the newest platforms aren’t out of the question either.
    I assume this will take a while - two of my friends recently ported an original Unity game from PC Steam to PS5, and doing all the work required to pass console cert took them a few months - but it’s not unreasonable to hope to see Legend Bowl on consoles sometime in 2022.

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