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Konami Launches PES 2022 Open Beta to Check Online Matchmaking

konami new football game

eFootball PES 2022

Konami Launches PES 2022 Open Beta to Check Online Matchmaking

Konami has released their PES 2022 open beta today, specifically to check the quality of online matchmaking. By doing so, they can make necessary improvements prior to the official launch.

Players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S can find the open beta by searching for New Football Game Online Performance Test from the PlayStation or Xbox Store. No pre-registration is need. Just find the game, download and install. The open beta will run through July 8.

Manchester United, FC Bayern Munchen, Juventus and FC Barcelona are available to play. All gameplay mechanics, balancing, animations and graphics are all under development and will be improved before the official launch.

After playing a few matches, Konami would like players to fill out the survey.


  • Only a limited number of teams are available to play during this test. Each team has a squad of 22 players, chosen according to how many matches they appeared in and total match play time.
  • You do not need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to participate in online multiplayer games for this test.
  • Cross-generation play between PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 is available.
  • Cross-gen Multiplayer between Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is available.
  • This game is currently under development, so unexpected errors, such as crashes, may occur.
  • We may need to perform unscheduled maintenance during the test.
  • In order to participate in the test, you must agree to the Terms of Use inside the game.
  • Game data from this test cannot be carried over to the official launch version.
  • You will not be able to play the beta test version of this game once the test period has ended.


What is the purpose of this test?

The chief goal of the New Football Game Online Performance Test is to assess the stability and connection quality of our servers during online matches. For more details on the official release and the game itself, keep tuned for our announcement planned for 21/07/2021!

Will my data be carried over to the officially released product?

No. Unfortunately, none of the data from this test will be carried over.

“A network error has occurred. Please wait and try again later.” appears and I cannot log into the game. Is there a fix for this?

You need to download and install the latest update file before you attempt to log into the game. If you have already done so and the problem persists, it may be an issue with your connection, so please check your network environment.

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