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eFootball 2022 Patch 1.0.0 Available Today

eFootball 2022

eFootball PES 2022

eFootball 2022 Patch 1.0.0 Available Today

Six months since its tumultuous release, Konami has finally announced April 14 as the release date for their eFootball 2022 patch 1.0.0. The team is promising plenty of improvements for defense, passing, shooting trajectories, dribbling and more. Check out the bullet points below and read the blog here.

UPDATE: (4-14) Today’s the day. eFootball 2022 patch 1.0.0 is available now.


  • Pressure: Regain possession by applying pressure to the opposing ball holder.
  • Match-up: Jockey the opposing dribbler with a lowered stance and finer steps. This is also effective for blocking passes and shots.
  • Shoulder Charge: Win the ball back by barging your shoulder against the opposing player. Especially effective when the opponent has touched the ball far from his foot or is trying to trap the ball.

Team defending has been improved with the implementation of “Call for Pressure”. On top of having several players going for the ball, other teammates will also work in tandem to regain possession by blocking passing lanes as well as pushing up the defensive line.


  • Pass speed has been increased so that the pace of the game matches with the aforementioned defense-related improvements.
  • A new mechanism has been added utilizing the rebound of the ball as a force of acceleration. This will be useful, for example, when performing one-touch passes, as the ball speed will increase due to this mechanism. The result of all these changes is a “rhythmic passing game”, which is an important element in modern-day soccer.
  • Improved targeting decisions for passes
  • Improved AI decision-making when receiving passes
  • Improved movements when receiving passes
  • “Stunning Pass” has been added allowing you to kick the ball with various special trajectories.

Shooting Trajectories

  • Improved shooting speed with a focus on realism and satisfaction
  • Adjusted the rate of on-target shots to appropriately reflect match circumstances
  • A wide range of shot variations and trajectories for each situation have been added, such as the “Stunning Shot” allowing you to experience a variety of realistic goal-scoring scenes.


  • Better ball tracking accuracy and response to L Stick inputs
  • Improved response to Dash inputs
  • Improved response and ball behaviors for the new “Sharp Touch” command have been added, along with simpler feint inputs.

Additional Features

  • Additional features such as “Formation Change”, “Individual Instructions”, “Auto Select”, “Sub-tactic”, “Data Management”
  • Improved processing load for better responsiveness

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  1. Sorry... one of the oldest game developers in video gaming history doesn't get to say, "oops..we forgot about quality." and not sound ridiculous. At this point they're lucky the game was free. So sick of devs and studios using people as free beta testers.
    Nobody told them to rush out what basically was a proof of concept and call it a demo. They were in a perfect position to have delayed eFootball using UE5 but bottled it. They could have easily just done a second season update as PES 21 was largely liked by a majority.
    Switching to a new engine and development probably being hampered for most of 2020, they could have easily delayed eFootballs' release and people probably would have been okay with that.
    Everything mentioned in the coming update should be standard in any modern football game from the jump. Aside from making the most basic upgrades they fail to mention if this is just another demo. If we can't play with all teams, or change the time of day or length of a match offline what's the point.
    I'll try it because it's free but I'm not optimistic.
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    Update is available. Let’s hear your impressions!

    hi i only see 9 teams to play? can i use j-league teams in offline exhibition match?
    hi i only see 9 teams to play? can i use j-league teams in offline exhibition match?

    Offline is still only the 9 teams
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    It's a free to play game, so I think any hope of significant offline additions are distant at best.
    Can't wait to play as MJ and Magic in that Dream Team mode.
    I wish some disgruntled employee would leak the behind the scenes of what's going on with this game. It seems like a poorly run project on all fronts.
    Putting ML, BAL, tournament, edit mode aside for now I could have enjoyed a customizable exhibition mode. I've spent most of second go a around with PES 21 playing one off games while waiting for patch updates so i could have done that with eFootball but sadly we don't even get that option..
    Guess we'll revisit the game in another 7 months when they've added something else minor for what probably will then be called eFootball 23.
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    Offline is still only the 9 teams
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    So what happened to all the Serie A exclusives they took from FIFA? I just want to play offline as Napoli. Will they ever be available?
    So what happened to all the Serie A exclusives they took from FIFA? I just want to play offline as Napoli. Will they ever be available?

    You can use the licensed teams online in the Dream Team mode but you can still have only use the same 9 or so teams from the launch vs the AI.
    I read there’s somewhat of a workaround involving the training match inside of Dream Team but I personally haven’t tried it yet.
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    I am quite confused.
    Can you play online with friends on your friends list online or no? If so, when is that coming?
    This whole roll-out of the franchise I so dearly loved has been an awful and terrible mess...
    I decided to give this an honest try, was even willing to play online. Luckily there's a vs. CPU for the Dream Team mode. So I put together a squad about as good as let's say... Brentford. Still can't adjust the game time but the Dream Team match vs the CPU is longer than offline "trial" match. It's actually a decent game. This is probably closer to the game we all expected after the switch to Unreal Engine. Not as good as PES 2021 vanilla or modded but playable and definitely wouldn't have gotten backlash the way the first version did.
    They are really handicapping themselves by not have a proper "friendly" offline mode. Even without BAL, ML or an edit mode I think the game would get a lot more people on board to try it out that way. I assume they are trying to force people to play Dream Team, by locking offline to only 9 teams and 5 minute matches. Also the MLS gets the knockoff team treatment now with a full league of fake teams.
    Also played on both PS5 and PC. Either my PC can't handle it or it's just poorly optimized for PC. Ran great on the PS5 though.
    Not going to lie guys I have been playing on PC with an unlocker and have been able to play Exhibition matches on 14 mins and Superstar which is nice but I am actually really liking it flaws in all lol. I haven't had much time to play and watch football since February due to a lot of big moves happening in my life atm and I no longer have all my PES 2021 mods so this is the first footy game I have played in months. I think for me I like the dribbling, animations, AI and defending the most. Just seeing the AI want to attack/dribble at you and attempt put you in 1v1 situations makes me want to cry tears of joy lol. I hope it only gets better from here as the ball physics and passing is a major stepdown from the last PES installments.
    I would've paid for a full packaged game than going this free to play route. I play completely offline, no online play for me at all. The gameplay is miles better than what was originally released but for me it won't matter unless there's more teams & modes. I wish they would've at least let us pick the length of time & difficulty for offline on console. I know PC can unlock it but console players are stuck with it.
    I decided to download this on both PS5 and PC. On PC I also downloaded the unlocker mod so as to be able to play all difficulty levels and longer games etc.
    Many people have posted positive impressions regarding the newer 1.0 version but so far I’m not leaning that way at all. There is potential, no doubt about it but on both platforms, imho the gameplay seems so labored. Player reactions are slow and as always, player switching is awful again. I currently have it set to semi assisted for switching and honestly it takes half a second to switch when input. Doesn’t sound a long time but in this context, it is. Defending is certainly a new learning curve and as of now, I’ve played 20+ games on Top Player and Professional and have yet to win a game! I’ve drawn a few and dominated games with lots of shots on target, but the defending changes regards button commands and the awful player switching are the main reasons. I shall persevere but PES 2021 season update on PC will remain my go to game.
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    eFootball 2022 with the latest patch is the best online konami football game ever released. first time ever you can play game after game finding matches in the states with full bar signal and no lag all day long. in fifa you can't even do this. this is a better online 1 v 1 experience than what FIFA has to offer and it's totally free. I can't believe Konami has finally stepped up their online infrastructure up. they might have actually made the correct smart decision going this direction. for the first time in their history .. konami actually have a great online footie game that is enjoyable lag free and addicting to play
    dream team > FUT imo
    by the way when eFootball first released I deleted it the same day I downloaded and played it. it was that bad. this time it's much different.. I'm hooked and loving dream team at the moment. the addicting gameplay reminds me of times I use to stay up all night at friends house playing PES 5 or PE6. this is first footie game since those times that give that experience again
    I will say for those who are only use to play PES offline only.. you might want to give the latest eFootball a try again and you can enjoy playing Dream team against AI and other humans and might surprise you how great that experience is compared to what your use to in offline only.
    here are some videos of my dream starting in D 10 to D 5 promotion sat night.. this is on PS4. I hear this game is even better on PS5 but i'm loving it on PS4

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