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Gran Turismo Sport Introduces New Visual Enhancements & Drastic Audio Improvements

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport Introduces New Visual Enhancements & Drastic Audio Improvements

Check out the latest Gran Turismo Sport details, introducing the techniques used to achieve the new visual enhancements for the PlayStation 4 exclusive, scheduled to arrive in 2017.

4K, 60fps

  • Resolution: 1800p checkerboard
  • Framerate: 60fps


  • Data capture using a bespoke camera developed by PDI.
  • Brightness range 100 times higher than the current camera standard.
  • Gran Turismo will support current HDR TV’s as well as future HDR devices reaching brightnesses up to 10000nits. (HDR10・ST.2084)
  • GT Tonemap enabling complete compatibility between Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) and HDR TVs.

Wide Color

  • Color space increased by 64% from sRGB.
  • 10nm scale spectroscopic measurement. (Measurement of the spectral base.)
  • Full wide color space workflow using BT.2020 at all stages of production, from data capture, materials creation, rendering to output.

Polyphony hired a sound designer from Forza Motorsport’s Turn 10, to improve the audio in Gran Turismo Sport, which has been a major complaint of the series.

Early in the process, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. However, at a recent event in London, Eurogamer states that it has improved drastically.

I took a GT3 BMW M6 – the same one driven by Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi at this year’s 24 Hours Nürburgring – around Brands Hatch for a short hot-lap session. At first, it was a bit disheartening – using the bumper cam, the engine note still sounded hollow and weak, even over a pair of headphones that muffled the noise of a busy event.

Switching to the cockpit cam, though, reveals a very different dynamic – there, the transmission whine is more overpowering, and unlike the digital drone of past Gran Turismo games it at last feels like you’re inside a complex, noisily mechanical piece of engineering.

Switch to the chase cam and you can hear the exhaust note more clearly and hear it pop and wheeze – suggesting that Gran Turismo Sport is extremely context sensitive when it comes to representing audio. Elsewhere, a replay featuring a bevy of prototype cars displayed a diversity of engine notes, from the turbo diesel whine of an R18 to the throatier V8 of the Toyota TS030.

Source – Gran Turismo may have fixed its long-standing sound problem (Eurogamer)

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