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Franchise Hockey Manager 4 Arrives October 6, Pre-Order to Get it Earlier

Franchise Hockey Manager 4

Franchise Hockey Manager 4 Arrives October 6, Pre-Order to Get it Earlier

OOTP Developments has announced Franchise Hockey Manager 4, scheduled to arrive on October 6. If you pre-order, you can save 10% and get it 4 days earlier. Unfortunately, for Steam users, you will only get the 10% off, no early release.


The ONLY NHL®-licensed game for PC. Unprecedented realism, featuring NHL® logos, the Stanley Cup®, uniforms, and histories for all 31 teams.


FHM 4 offers over two dozen playable leagues for the 2017-18 season, including the National Hockey League®, minor leagues in North America, the Canadian major junior leagues, and leagues across multiple levels of European hockey. All included leagues feature real current rosters, based on countless hours of detailed research and work on player ratings.


Start as the new Vegas Golden Knights™ NHL® team with the option of re-drafting from the players who were actually made available in the expansion draft – returning all of those players are first returned to their original teams – OR accept their selections and move forward!


Flexible league structures and Playoffs systems! In addition to pre-set structures, choose the number of conferences/divisions in your league, its schedule length, and number of teams.


Historical play extended back to 1917-18 with accurate rosters, including the early major leagues in Western Canada! An unlimited amount of history is at your fingertips.


Adding a new twist to our popular Path to Glory mode – which is now available in every aspect of FHM 4 – the new Challenge Mode will test your hockey smarts to the limit. Can you compete and win even if the odds are stacked against you? Pursue new achievements in a unique way!


It’s back! Available in all game types, set your own limitations or restrictions.


New playable leagues from Austria, Belarus, Denmark, Slovakia, Poland, among others, on top of returning favorites – plus a European Champions League – along with more international competitions than ever!


Every NHL® team has its unique history, and you can chase one of 30 new individual historical challenges, one for each team – try to repeat or better Montreal’s 1950’s dynasty, Philadelphia’s 1970’s expansion success, or Vancouver’s improbable 1982 run to the Final!


Hundreds of detailed improvements and additions, including a new Hall of Fame system, Line Chemistry, player uniform number assignments, postseason awards, dramatically expanded stat tracking, club alumni lists, in-game audio and visual enhancements, and more!

  • International play has been expanded to include Under-17 and various regional tournaments.
  • A “shop player” feature allows you to solicit all teams in your league for trade offers on one of your players.
  • Uniform retirement allows teams to both retire and honor player uniform numbers, and start with their current retired numbers.
  • A new Hall of Fame system allows the user a vote in the Hall’s annual nomination and selection process.
  • The line chemistry system allows chemistry to develop between specific players, improving their on-ice performance.
  • Farm teams for historical play have been added – each playable historical team will have a farm club that changes names and location to reflect the actual affiliation in place for each season.
  • Players can now gain new nationalities if they spend an extended amount of time in a foreign country, and can switch their national team allegiance once they meet the qualifications for representing a new country in international play.
  • Enhanced record-keeping system adds tracking of single-game records at both the team and league level, as well as expanded single-season and career records.
  • New awards, including postseason all-star teams, have been added, as well as a longer award announcement process that releases the names of nominees first, then announces the winners later in the offseason.
  • Alumni lists for each team that allow easy “Where are they now?”
    Tracking of everyone that’s played for the club.
  • All-Star games now include the announcement of the results of the skills competition the day before the game.
  • Many enhancements at all stages of the in-game experience (pregame, during, and postgame) to highlight individual events and provide the user with more information and feedback about his team’s play.
  • Many other smaller additions, changes, and enhancements to the interface and gameplay.


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  1. KnightAttack
    It's something we want to do in the future, but our current focus is the PC/Mac version.

    I completely understand, get that right etc and then a mobile version will eventually come. Can't wait for that!
    I would like to see the ability to play quick exhibition games. You could have the 80's Oilers vs the 2017 Oilers, etc. Just a quick one game.
    Or maybe a trny between all the old classic teams.
    I would like to see the ability to play quick exhibition games. You could have the 80's Oilers vs the 2017 Oilers, etc. Just a quick one game.
    Or maybe a trny between all the old classic teams.

    It's something we'd like to do in a future version, but we have a list of other things we'd like to do first.
    Glad to see the inclusion of minor league teams in historical leagues.... I have an older iteration and tried to play as the expansion Lightning and was disappointed that I didn't have minor league capabilities.
    Sorry i dont see an option to get 10% off this game. And it's not available for pre-order on Steam.

    They said it's not available for pre-order on Steam, but will have the 10% discount when it goes on sale tomorrow.

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