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FIFA 20 FUT: Winter Refresh Tomorrow Means New Icons and Player Upgrades

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FIFA 20 FUT: Winter Refresh Tomorrow Means New Icons and Player Upgrades

The FIFA 20 FUT Winter Refresh starts tomorrow. It will mean 50 players get upgrades, we get new versions of Icons (that no one may be able to afford), and the weak foot/skill moves of over 100 players will be altered as well. Let’s quickly run through these changes in the lead up to tomorrow’s update.

50 Players Upgraded by +3 Overall Or More – FUT Winter Refresh

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The FUT team is altering their approach this year and only upgrading players who “deserve” a major boost, which equates to at least a +3 in overall rating. This means a smaller player pool of changes, but the changes made should provide a bigger impact. Some of the biggest names being upgraded are:


  • Jamie Vardy
  • Jamie Maddison
  • Mason Mount
  • Daniel James
  • Adama Traore


  • Timo Werner
  • Achraf Hakimi

Serie A

  • Lautaro Martinez
  • Nicolo Zaniolo

Ligue 1

  • Victor Osimhen

La Liga

  • Martin Odegaard
  • Federico Valverde

You can see the whole list here, but we won’t know the exact ratings changes until tomorrow.

Skill Moves And Weak Foot Changes For Over 100 Players – FUT Winter Refresh

The list of players receiving skill move and weak foot upgrades is more robust, but it’s a bit harder to read. You can see the full list here.

Some of the biggest names include Roberto Firmino and Ziyech going to five-star skill moves. The only player to get a two-star bump in skill moves (from 2 to 4) is Lucas Vera from Lanus (Argentina Primera Division).

The weak foot upgrades were a little more fluid, and so there are more people here who got a +2 boost in weak foot. However, I don’t see really any players who stand out here as being massively important.

New Icons – FUT Winter Refresh


As seen in the picture above, we’re getting new Icons as well. The issue with these will be cost and rarity. No one expects these Icons to be on even a small minority of teams, but right now inflation and overall costs of top-end cards means just about no one will be playing with these guys tomorrow. Perhaps that is the point, but we’ve generally not had Icon prices (and prices of other high-rated cards) costing such an exorbitant amount of coins in February.

With the auction house being where it’s at currently, the FUT economists may have to figure out a way to bring down prices a bit because I don’t think an infusion of coins will solve the issue, rather just exacerbate the costs. We’ll have to see if maybe an Icon SBC or something else comes out in the near future to perhaps bring costs back in line with reality. Another avenue will just be slightly altering pack luck for pulling some of these amazing players, but that’s just something else to consider.

We can also see there should be a new Player Objectives card tomorrow from Napoli. We’ve had a lot of ongoing Future Stars Player Objectives, but the time for them will be winding down as we move into the next phase of FUT.

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