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FIFA 20 FUT: Player Moments Arthur Being a Little Overlooked

fut player moments arthur


FIFA 20 FUT: Player Moments Arthur Being a Little Overlooked

Beyond Team of the Week 22, the new player SBC today is a Player Moments Arthur. The moment is based on an assist he had in the Spanish Super Cup against Sevilla back in 2018-19, but I can’t find footage of it (sorry). Still, an assist makes sense for this Player Moments card based on what’s here and who Arthur is as a player.

FUT Player Moments Arthur

fut player moments arthur challenges

Brazil – Prime Electrum Players pack

  • Minimum 1 Brazilian player
  • Minimum 2 in-form players
  • Minimum 84 overall squad rating
  • Minimum 80 team chemistry

Barcelona – Premium Gold Players pack

  • Minimum 1 FC Barcelona player
  • Minimum 1 in-form player
  • Minimum 85 overall squad rating
  • Minimum 75 team chemistry

Price: About 165-175K, according to FUTBin

Chemistry Style Recommendation: An Anchor if you want to make him a more credible defensive-minded midfielder. You could also go with a Hawk if you just want to make him more of an attacking midfielder. There’s nothing that’s going to make him an all-around box-to-box midfielder.

Noteworthy Attributes: Arthur is 5-foot-7 with four-star skills and three-star weak foot. He has medium-medium work rates. He has 83 agility, 94 balance, 93 ball control, 91 dribbling, 85 composure, 84 positioning, 83 shot power, 82 long shots, 81 interceptions, 82 defensive awareness, 97 short passing, 91 long passing, 79 stamina, 72 strength, 81 aggression.

Player Comparisons:

  • Arthur is -2 in overall in comparison to TOTW 11 Modric. He costs about 50K more than Modric as well. Arthur is a stronger player and a better finisher than Modric, but Modric is a little more nimble on the ball and has better stamina.
  • Arthur is a +2 overall compared to TOTW 22 de Jong, and they both cost around the same amount of coins. Frenkie de Jong is a little faster than Arthur, but Arthur is stronger on the ball, a better offensive playmaker, and Arthur is probably a little better on defense as well. Arthur is -6 stamina when compared to de Jong. Arthur also has worse composure than both Modric and de Jong.

fut player moments arthur

Quick Analysis: Arthur is not the most meta option out there, but as a Brazilian on FC Barcelona, he’s got a lot of easy links that make him viable. On top of that, his price coming in under 200K makes him feel around market value. He’s probably even a little cheap once you factor in the two packs you get back for his SBCs. The appeal of Arthur is first and foremost his passing. When tying that to his balance and ball control, you have the makings of a player who can start a lot of counter attacks or make that final decisive pass.

His issue is that he’s not a great finisher, and he’s not incredible on defense. On top of that, he’s not overly fast and does not have elite stamina. So you have to make a decision on Arthur in terms of what you want out of him. I would personally play him as a CDM and just have him on stay back. He’s not some terrible defender, especially with a chemistry style, and then stamina is not as big an issue. On top of that, his comparison to the new de Jong really does seem close to 50/50. All in all, I don’t have a major problem with this card, but I know a lot of people are obsessed with box-to-box midfielders in this FIFA so he probably won’t see a ton of use.

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