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F1 2021 Launches on July 16 - Trailer & Some Features Revealed

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F1 2021

F1 2021 Launches on July 16 - Trailer & Some Features Revealed

EA and Codemasters have announced F1 2021 will launch on July 16 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. F1 2021 will feature the teams, drivers and circuits for the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship.

F1 2021 features an expanded Career mode with two-player option, and three new circuits, Portimão, Imola, and Jeddah, which will be available as free post-launch content to all players.

The leak posted a couple of weeks ago was spot on with the release date and the new ‘Braking Point’ story mode. In ‘Braking Point’, players take on an epic journey, as they rise from the ranks of Formula 2 to a shot at stardom in the world of Formula 1. It immerses players into the glamorous world of F1, giving a taste of the lifestyle both on and off the track: the rivalries, emotion and dedication needed to compete at the highest level. It also re-introduces players to the much-maligned Devon Butler, who makes his return having debuted in F1 2019.

F1 2021 expands its iconic Career mode with a new two-player option that allows friends to join online and play co-operatively or choose different teams and take rivalries to the track in synchronous race sessions. Each driver has complete control over their assists, allowing players of all levels to come together and compete. Career mode also introduces Real-Season Start, enabling players to begin at any point in the season with real-time driver and constructor standings.

Across all formats, returning features include driver-manager experience My Team, two-player split-screen, shorter season options for both F1 and F2, esports integration and accessible menus and handling. For the first time, F1 2021 comes to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, boasting a visual uplift and faster loading times.

Players who pre-order the Standard Edition will receive the Braking Point Content Pack, a set of exclusive in-game items inspired by the fictional stars of the new story experience, and 5,000 PitCoins. Benefits for the digital Deluxe include seven soon-to-be-unveiled iconic F1 drivers for use in My Team, complete with customisation content, 18,000 PitCoins, the Braking Point Content Pack, and three days early access. F1 2021 supports Xbox Smart Delivery and PlayStation’s free upgrade when players switch to an Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5.

  • Braking Point’ – the thrilling new story experience.
  • New ways to play: two-player Career and ‘Real-Season Start’.
  • My Team mode – create a driver, choose a sponsor, an engine supplier, hire a teammate and compete as the 11th team on the grid.
  • Expanded Driver Stats that now include ‘Focus’ and new team-critical Department Events to address.
  • Split-screen racing for two players.
  • Casual race options for more relaxed racing whilst new Expert options give experienced players even more control.
  • Acclaimed ten-year Career Mode, including updated Research and Development and Practice Programmes, and new Quick Practice.
  • Formula 2, the ultimate training ground for F1, is also included, with short, medium, or full season options and 2020 and 2021 season content.
  • Esports – in-game area for the online qualification events, latest news and even watch the new F1 Esports Challenger and Pro Series races.
  • More ways to race: Time Trial, Shorter season length options, Grand Prix™ Mode and relive your glory with saveable automated highlights and (PC only) full replays.
  • Compete online in Multiplayer: Social and Ranked races, new Quick Join format, Leagues, customisable liveries, and Weekly Events.

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  1. I'm going to give it a chance as this game has been awesome for years but I cringe when I start seeing story modes/etc.
    My fear is this added complexity will take focus away from the things that made this game so great.
    Again I'm going to buy it and have an open mind.
    I hope they knock it out of the park. Time will tell.
    I'm not so concerned about the story mode. They essentially already started it back in 2019 with their introduction to F2. Seems to me they've just expanded on it a bit. I almost feel like they shelved it last year in order to bring in My Team mode instead. With that arriving in 2020, seems like they went back to developing the story mode even more. As long as they've left the core racing feel the same I think we'll be fine.
    My concern is the mention of the 3 new tracks coming as post release content. How the heck are we supposed to start or play career/season/my team mode missing 3 races?
    I also see they say it will have F2 2020 and 2021 content. To me; that again means the game with launch with last year's F2 roster & cars, and F2 2021 will come as free DLC again later in the year. Which again makes it almost completely useless since you won't be able to use it in career, season or my team mode again. It's an extremely poor decision on their part if that's how they do it again.
    Hopefully they've added some stuff to My Team mode but it doesnt sound promising. It got pointless after about 5 seasons in once you've upgraded everything. The game keeps telling you to spend money because you have 100 million in the bank, but you have nothing to spend it on.
    The new cars look nicely done, but I'll never understand the emptiness on the McLaren livery. I get they cant use the tobacco sponsor in the blue section on the bottom of the side, but at least put something there so it looks similar. Just put a McLaren logo or something!
    When the new stats were patched in in F1 2020, there was an option to apply the new content retroactively to existing saves.  We'll see.
    Also, if they're adding in some more world building, and emotional engagement beats, that's a good thing.  It gets you attached to the game in ways that FOMO Pit Pass content can't.
    I'm not ready to go full "shut up and take my money" just yet, but this is definitely on my short list.

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