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F1 2021 Hands-On Preview - Still Pushing the Limit in Multiple Ways

F1 2021 Hands-On Preview

F1 2021

F1 2021 Hands-On Preview - Still Pushing the Limit in Multiple Ways

One of the racing genre’s most anticipated yearly releases is the F1 series from Codemasters. The F1 series is one that is so well embraced by the racing community that fans who do not even follow or take interest in the sport itself still find a way to enjoy this title. We showcased a lot of the preview for F1 2021 yesterday, and we now wanted to share our own hands-on F1 2021 preview.

This series took a massive step last year in bringing the game to the masses by delivering a set of options in-game that allowed people to tailor the game to their skillsets and attributes. There are many games out there that claim to do this, but what Codemasters did with the F1 series is at the top of that list.

Each year as I review the newest iteration in this series, I find myself consistently thinking how can Codemasters top what it did last year and impress a community whose expectations have grown exponentially over the years.

F1 2021 Hands-On Preview

f1 2021 hands-on preview

This year, I again found myself asking that exact same question, and thankfully I was invited to an early preview event where the developers answered many of those questions, and I was also provided an early game build to test out some of those improvements.

Also, please understand as I go over some of these improvements and new additions to F1 2021 that the game I played is an early build, and it is still being improved upon and content is still being added at this juncture.

What Does F1 2021 Include, According To Devs?

F1 2021

  • 20X Official Formula 1 Drivers
  • 10X Formula 1 Teams
  • 21X Real Formula 1 Circuits ( Imola, Portimao, and Jeddah post-launch )

F2 2021

  • 22 Official Formula 2 Drivers
  • 11X Formula 2 Teams
  • 8X Event Official Race Calendar
  • F2 2020 season at Launch
  • F2 2021 Season Content will be added via Free Digital Update


  • Breaking Point: Story Mode Set Across Three Seasons (2019,2020, 2021)
  • Co-Op Career Mode: Allowing You to Team Up or Race as Rivals
  • Real Season Starts: Jump into the Live F1 20201 Season as it Plays Out.
  • Multiplayer: New Beginner and Experienced Social Play Lobbies, Browse Lobbies or Create Your Own, New Filters to Help Find the Races You Want To Join
  • My Team: Run Your F1 Team as You See Ft, With Expanded Options and Deeper Content
  • New Customization Options: New Podium Pass and Shop Item Types, MP Decals, Personal Stickers, Victory Radio – Shout Out to Your Team and Fans as You Take the Victory

Holy Weight Batman!

The second I fired up this year’s newest version of F1, the difference in the control system and the weight of the race car was dramatic. The difference in how the car felt and the “heaviness” of the car that came through the analog control system versus F1 2020 was pronounced.

F1 2021

Not only could I feel the weight differential permeating the control system, but it was also extremely noticeable when controlling the car through multiple styles of turns and corners. The impact that this new inclusion creates while racing on the track is amplified in a way that will force veterans of the series to readjust and relearn how to control the race car.

It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right

While this mode was not available in the preview build that was allotted to me, during the press conference the developer spoke in-depth about the new co-op career mode. I have been a staunch supporter of all sports titles creating co-op careers in every sports title that fits well with the idea.

Even more exciting than just the new inclusion of this mode is the fact that you can choose to race in a co-op career as a teammate with your co-op partner or as a rival pitted against each other as the season progresses.

F1 2021 co-op

Although the developer on hand could not confirm the ability to have multiple co-op career saves, he did believe this was possible. While this seems like an extremely subtle improvement, it’s a very important one. The game will now offer, if the developer is correct, the ability to have multiple co-op careers going with different friends who possess different skillsets and abilities.

Race The Way You Want

Another new option for F1 2021 is the “expert setting” option. What expert setting allows users to do is literally control every aspect of the game, and enable or disable each function that is available to the racers on the track in the way they see fit.

what this means is now the user can disable or enable every in-race option to help create this micro-racing universe that you now have complete control over, and it can be adjusted as you see fit as the season or career progresses over time.

F1 2021 career mode

The developers at Codemasters have given the users the ability to create some scenarios on the track to determine how they want to play the game. Let’s take a look at the options that Codemasters is placing in your hands, according to their bullet points:

  • New expert race style: Casual, Standard, Expert
  • New options interface opens up more settings than ever before
  • Tailor how you want to play: enable or disable meet the press, department event and facilities, resource gain rates for player and AI teams, mechanical failures, and faults

F1 2021 ps5

Next-Generation F1 Becomes Reality

Although the F1 series has always been impressive looking, F1 2021 is now set to launch on the Xbox Series X and PS5, dropping alongside the last-gen gaming consoles. So, what can you expect from the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions?

Here is what the devs have to say:

Xbox Series X

  • New Gen + Old Gen Uplift (Feature Parity)
  • Smart Delivery
  • Performance/Graphics Option
  • Ray Tracing (Replays, Broadcast, Showrooms)
  • Improved Load Speeds
  • Optimized 3D Spatial Audio


  • New Gen + Old Gen Uplift (Feature Parity)
  • Performance/Graphics Option
  • Ray Tracing (Replays, Broadcast, Showrooms)
  • Improved Load Speeds
  • Adaptive Trigger Support
  • Optimized 3D Spatial Audio
  • Support for PS5 Activities and Accolades

While it is obviously hard to describe how beautiful a game can look without playing it for yourself, I did have access to the PC version, and graphical and lighting improvements were extremely noticeable — and that’s impressive because F1 2020 was already a visual treat.

Bottom Line

When you have a series that is as entrenched in the racing community as the F1 series is, it’s hard to continuously include and implement new options and ideas that excite the community. In my time playing F1 2021, I can truly say that the title still does lend itself well to providing an experience that is fun, exciting, accessible, and authentic.

F1 2021 will be available on July 16, but if you pre-order the digital deluxe version you will be granted early access starting July 13. F1 2021 will be on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One X/S, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Steam

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