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F1 2021 Hands-On Previews and Videos - Gameplay, Career Mode and More

f1 2021 hands-on

F1 2021

F1 2021 Hands-On Previews and Videos - Gameplay, Career Mode and More

F1 2021 hands-on previews and videos have arrived today from a few sites and content creators. We have listed some of them below, as they discuss gameplay, Career Mode (Braking Point), two-player career and more.

  • To give you insight into how your car is likely to perform in the big race, Practice Sessions have been given new life. Each session lets you take part in three challenges. Each one is designed to assess how you treat your tyres; what the ideal fuel load and pit stop strategy is; and how speed is managed. By completing these challenges, you’ll gain boosts to your car’s development and resource points to spend how you like. Completing team’s secondary objectives will reduce the cost of development as well. Taking part in the race weekends aren’t just about the final race. Everything you do feeds into your progress as a racer and a member of an organisation. –GodisaGeek
  • Of course, you’ll be able to carry out your very own racing journey in the usual Career mode, but again, Codies is adding new features. For 2021, you will be able to play Career with two players. While this is something fans have been able to do before in previous games, this is a much more fleshed out version. Essentially, you can play Career solo, as usual, or you can have a friend play with you, either in co-op or Contracts. The latter sees your buddy racing for another team, and you’ll compete on the track and battle to take on contracts. PushSquare
  • The Real Season Start feature in F1 2021 allows players to swap themselves with any driver on the grid and pick up exactly where the real Formula 1 season has left off. Players will be able to start a career mode from the last (or any previous) Formula 1 Grand Prix with the actual driver standings and teams progress to that point. Another highly touted feature in this year’s game is the career mode known as Braking Point in which players work their way through Formula 2 and into F1. The developers promise a strong narrative with a well-written story for players to experience through intense racing scenarios and off-track situations. –GameRant


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  1. Absolutely loved this franchise since I first bought into it for the 2019 game. The in game races felt so amazing, and there was enough of a career mode to keep me interested.
    I really like the change to the R&D system. It seems more like an actual R&D system instead of an RPG skill system, even if it's only in appearance.
    New practice sessions might be nice. I actually liked the old way as it always forced me to get acclimated to the track. I can understand them wanting to streamline it a bit though.
    Looking for more information on the My Team mode. The career modes in 2019 & 2020 were decent, but they are also kind of shallow.
    Ben Daly (Tiametmarduk) posted a career mode episode which pointed out that we now have settings for resource point rates and human mechanical failures.
    Those two features alone make this game a must buy for me. Those were SORELY needed.
    Ill wait until I get a PC built so I can buy it on PC, but I will 100% buy this game. Looks fantastic.
    Not too hyped about the added customization but it is a nice to have.
    Glad they got rid of the foggy appearance and graphics are improved but not as much as I would've liked.
    Biggest question for me at this stage is AI logic surrounding strategies.  In their games up to now if you manage to qualify in the top 10 during Q2 with medium tyres you really need to screw up hard to not win the race as the AI all start off on softs and botch their strategies.  Logic needs massive improvement in all facets of pit strategies and even more so during safety car periods and during dry-wet or wet-dry races.
    Hate it when I stay out during a race waiting for the rain before pitting for inters or wets just for the AI to blindly follow their pit strategy, pitting for softs/mediums or hards and then 3 laps later having to come in for inters or wets basically giving the player 30 odd seconds for free on the AI.

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