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Everything We Know About Madden Mobile (Analysis)

Madden NFL 20

Everything We Know About Madden Mobile (Analysis)

With another installment of the highly popular Madden video game set to release at the end of July, anticipation has reached an all-time high. And with all the new information being released for the console version of Madden 20, we must keep a watchful eye on the other side of EA’s franchise. Madden Mobile has become very popular over the last several years, and in doing so, gives gamers the opportunity to bolster their lineups without booting up their gaming system of choice. And as we will discuss, it presents gamers with a different challenge on their way to MUT dominance.

Here is everything we know about Madden Mobile.

Season Score

What is Season Score: here is a link to EA’s blog:

Every year, in preparation for the upcoming season, players are able to participate in a program title Season Score. The program consists of in-game achievements that track a player’s progress in various areas of the current season and outputs a score out of 100 percent. The higher the score, the more rewards players take with them into the new season. While progressing through Season Score, players will also earn valuable rewards for the current season to help their team immediately.

  • Season Score gives players a new way to earn points. These points can then be used to acquire premium rewards. EA has simplified this season to make it easier for users to know exactly what achievements they are working towards. Players are rewarded draft points throughout the year, which can be used for a handful of different rewards, including players, draft points, packs, coins and more!
  • Legacy mode is bigger and better than ever before. And it will allow gamers to use teams from previous installments. Lastly, if players are getting the itch to play Madden 20, you can begin earning points towards the new mobile season now. And don’t miss the start of Season 6 on July 30, the same day that the Madden early release opens to the public.

Season Mode

What is Season Mode: here is a link to EA’s blog.

  • There are two different ways to play season mode. And whether you prefer to play a full 16-game schedule or a 16-game schedule with different NFL scenarios, the decision is yours. Additionally, EA has put in adequate time to try and enhance the user’s experience in this year’s game. If you choose the latter option, you will be faced with key decisions that could affect the outcome of your season. These decisions may range from how soon to bring back an injured offensive lineman to whether or not you should start a specific player. EA doesn’t force players to use their MUT team, allowing all 32 NFL teams to be utilized during season mode.
  • In Madden Mobile, every game, no matter the result, nets you a reward. There will then be rewards to be earned throughout the season by accomplishing different milestones. Rewards could be anything from currency to special attributes — and much more. For example, rush for 32 touchdowns in a season? Earn a reward. Throw for 300 yards in a game? Unlock a reward. There are so many different things to do in this year’s game, and each unlocks something valuable for you and your MUT team.
  • In the end, the different scenarios and how players react could make or break your Madden Mobile season. For example, players will have the option to re-sign or release a player. And depending on the decision users choose, it will affect the cap space among other things. Choose wisely.


What is Gauntlets: here is a link to EA’s blog.

  • Gauntlets are new in this year’s game and give gamers a challenge never before seen to Madden Mobile. The month-long challenge gives users a gauntlet of different stages and objectives to complete. By completing these grueling tests and obstacles, you will get one step closer to the final boss. Each stage has roughly 10 objectives and a final boss. If you are able to defeat the boss, the result would be a rare Ultimate Team card.  
  • Trivia has been added to Gauntlets to help shake things up throughout the month. Players will have 15 seconds to answer a multiple-choice question that pertains to an important fact in NFL history.
  • This new mode is just another way to build your MUT roster and get yourself one step closer to the high-prized card at the end of the road.  

Gameplay And Other Refinements

  • Pass catching is still an area they are trying to improve. Far too many times in last year’s game receivers dropped passes they should have caught. In fact, the top three issues EA is trying to fix before Madden Mobile launches on July 30 is pass catching, blocking and pursuit fundamentals.
  • Furthermore, blocking will be improved in this year’s game and updated throughout the year. Blocking was an issue that the community had with the game in the past. And although it is not perfect, the proper changes are being made to make it more playable at release.
  • In this year’s game, players will have the opportunity to lead their receivers by using just the swipe of a finger. This should allow for more precise passes and give the player more control. This is something that can only be utilized in the vertical passing scheme.
  • New to Madden 20 and Madden Mobile is the Front Office. However, for those who have played Madden Mobile in the past, it is similar to “locker room” items from Season 4. Furthermore, instead of being forced to change them from game to game, you now have access to each of these perks for the duration of the season. And by completing different objectives, you can build upon these special perks. This should be a game changer in Season 6.
  • New sets will be released at the start of the new season, breaking players into three categories: Aces, Royals and Veterans. The Aces are currently being listed with 65-plus players, Royals with 65-plus players and Veterans with 65-plus players. This will streamline things from a visual standpoint, and it also makes it easier on the user.


The point of Madden Mobile isn’t to compete with a game like Madden 20, it is to work cohesively with the console version. After all, EA is trying to give users a way to continue their MUT grind when they’re not at home with their console. Furthermore, with the way things are reconfigured in this year’s installment, players have an opportunity to earn rewards in a quicker fashion. What remains to be seen is whether or not the game’s glaring weaknesses are enough to keep die-hard fans away.  

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