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Every SNES Hockey Game, Courtesy SNESdrunk

every snes hockey game


Every SNES Hockey Game, Courtesy SNESdrunk

I have been going back through the Super Nintendo era these past couple months because I missed out on it as a kid because I was too young and only briefly had a Sega Genesis. SNESdrunk has been a good outlet for me going back through the archives, and since I’ve covered football, baseball and basketball, now it’s time for every SNES hockey game.

As I’ve said before, I do think it’s clear sports games looked and played better overall on the Genesis. However, since exclusivity was certainly a thing back then, there’s so many sports games that would come to one platform but not the other. Of course the GOAT series, EA Sports NHL, came to both consoles but this video series for me is more about the less notable titles. Games like Pro Sport Hockey and Hit The Ice are why I enjoy these videos.

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