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eSports Boxing Club Trailer Breakdown - Here's What We Noticed

esports boxing club trailer breakdown

eSports Boxing Club

eSports Boxing Club Trailer Breakdown - Here's What We Noticed

We posted the new eSports Boxing Club trailer yesterday, and now Prince is here with his eSports Boxing Club trailer breakdown.

The footwork really stands out so far, and the feints/pulled punches seem very impressive as well at this juncture. The visuals of some of the hooks and punches don’t hold up quite as well at this early stage, but there’s plenty of time to make refinements.

Scope out the video from Prince and continue to share your thoughts. And if you like the video, feel free to like it and subscribe so we can keep making more and better videos!

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  1. this looks VERY promising....the footwork is amazing. never realized it made it so much more realistic.  FNC is by far the best boxing game ever IMO but this one could challenge for the title. obviously, the footwork is better and it looks like the customizable career mode will be an improvement as well. hope they have the same creation and fighter sharing as FNC. the lighting also seems to be a bit better too since the lighting in FNC was a bit dark.

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